How to stop lactation ?

Special tablets for termination of lactation, of course, must be prescribed by a doctor, and only in the most necessary cases, when, for example, a woman has a strong mastitis that threatens her life and health.In this case, the appointed preparations containing hormones that suppress lactation.Himself buy these pills are not worth it, because everyone knows that with hormones to be trifled with, their uncontrolled intake can lead to serious disruptions in the body.

Although there is one drug, the least harmful, which you can buy at the pharmacy, it bromkamfora.By the way, you need to know that when taking these drugs, in any case, one can no longer put the baby to the breast.If you start taking these medicines, then there is no turning back.Kid sucking milk from the breast, these drugs are harmful.

Traditional methods

There are many popular ways how to stop lactation:

  1. Herbs.Broth some herbs have a diuretic effect.Excess liquid used when removed from the body and the milk becomes smaller.It is, as it were burns.Breast becomes softer, pain disappear.What is a weed: cranberries, sage, mint, elecampane, basil, horsetail.Decoction drunk 5-6 times a day until the milk will not end.Incidentally, in this period generally drink less fluid, and avoid those foods that usually cause you a rush of milk.
  2. compress.On the chest you can put a little chipped cabbage leaf as a compress.This sheet can be pre-put in the refrigerator.Keep the cabbage on the sore spot, until it becomes sluggish.Compress well soften lumps in the breast.Expressing
  3. .Nature would have it that the milk comes always as much as was spent in the last time.And, since you are thinking how to stop lactation, then do so.We do not express milk as long as the breast will not be a stone, or sore.When this happens, you need to decant just enough to make it a little soft.Decant all it is not necessary in any case.Now wait for the next arrival of milk, and then repeat the procedure by reducing the number of day-to-day hunching.So, every day, the milk will become less and less, and a maximum of a week it will end altogether.
  4. Exercise.Physical exercise, fitness affects the decrease lactation.Increase your physical activity during this period, and the milk will become much smaller.
  5. separation from the child.At the time of weaning children some mothers better to go somewhere to be away from the child, and not "break".Then he lactation termination process is psychologically less painful.

Caution lactostasis

But, be attentive to your feelings and state of your health during this period.Make sure that you did not have red spots on the chest, painful bumps that do not fever.This is lactostasis signs, or, even worse, mastitis.Then you need to fully express her milk from a sick breast, well massaged the sore spot.You can apply a cold compress cabbage or vodka.But in any case, do not warm compresses or your temperature soar to forty degrees, and you will find yourself in a hospital bed.If the above methods of treatment lactostasis do not give results, then call an ambulance.

Thus, knowing how to stop breast-feeding, you can do it yourself.The main thing is to be a determined, in any case not to put the baby to the breast, in spite of his compassionate gaze and persistent requests, and monitor the state of the mammary glands, to avoid useless trouble.