How to hack World of Tanks?

How to hack World of Tanks?

Many players World of Tanks know that the game is only partially free, and to get a real advantage over other players, you need to buy one of the game currency - "Gold" or "Gold" Players know thatearning gold is difficult, so some of them are looking for easier ways to earn money.How to hack a World of Tanks - a rather topical issue among the players who want to have a substantial advantage in the shortest possible time.

How to steal game account

Surely some players want to get playing premium account, but it is worth the money and spend absolutely do not want.In this case, the account can be easy to crack.But how to do that?Does this have any special programs or services?

World of Tanks is a commercial project, which means game servers should have a good defense.Developers spend a decent portion of the profits from the game to maintain the high level of safety.There are some specific programs that will easily break open any game accounts of World of Tanks.Also, do not believe all sorts of users that offer paid programs or services paid for hacking, as most likely you just cheated.

There are only two ways to hack acc WoT:

  • Elementary brute force - password selection with the help of a special program.To brute force, you can use one of the popular programs like Brutus AET2, or use a program created especially for Brutus Accounts World of Tanks - Checker account.The effectiveness of hacking will depend on the complexity of the password of the victim.Simple alphabetic or numeric passwords (like vova1234) will be picked up pretty quickly, more complex passwords (like @ 5gr5% 46H_ ^ 0) it will be very difficult to crack, and if it will contain more characters, hacking is almost impossible.
  • social engineering or phishing simple.Phishing - a type of fraud where the scammer is trying fraudulently to find out from the victim's account data, passwords, bank card codes, and so on.If you received a letter from "administrator" of the game, asking him to write your password - you try to cheat.Remember - the administration already knows all your data, so that they do not want your passwords.

Hacking games gold

burglary accounts settled, and that at the expense of breaking the gold?Here the situation is slightly better, but the chance to fall for the bait scams as high.How to hack WoT gold?Here come to the aid of a variety of programs, but their choice should be treated with caution.

Never pay for programs such as the likelihood is high that you just sure to find out what users write about it before downloading the free program.If there is at least a few negative reviews - do not download it.

There are several programs that use different holes and bugs of the game and allow you to increase the amount of gold in the game.Premium Hack World Of Tanks allows you to earn gold faster, credits and experience, making the game server to think that you have a premium account to play.

A few words about breaking

In addition to programs for hacking for money, there are other useful tools that can give the player a significant advantage.An extensive list of these programs can be found on the wow-clear

However, it should be remembered that the use of such programs could lead to the suspension of your game account administration, since the administration and moderators are trying to keep track of all suspicious activity in the game.