What is the fruit?

What is the fruit?

Pregnancy - is a wonderful time in a woman's life.She is preparing to become a mother and listens carefully to the changes taking place within the body.A natural desire of the future mother in this period is the need to learn as much as you can about how the fruit looks at the various stages of pregnancy, and how to develop a new life inside her body.To satisfy the legitimate interest of women to this issue, I wrote this article, which we have tried as much as possible to develop a theme of origin and development of the child.

fetal development by week pregnancy

Each week of pregnancy brings important changes in a woman's body and fetus development.In medicine, the division made a period of carrying a child on trimesters.

first trimester of pregnancy - weeks 1-12

consider in detail, it looks like the embryo in the first trimester of pregnancy, starting from the first week:

  • 1-2 weeks of pregnancy characterized by the beginning of the process of conception and formation of the ovum.Because the fallopian tube in the first three days ovum moves into the uterus, and then to the place of its implantation.At 6-8 days the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, and there is a very important point - the embryo begins to develop actively.Begin to form the placenta and amniotic bubble, and also formed the germ of the primitive gut - system required for food and digestion.
  • 3-4 weeks.During this period, there are the first rudiments of the spinal cord and brain, thyroid and pancreas, bronchi, trachea, larynx and lung.fetus weighs about 2 g and dimensions reach up to 5mm.Embryo in appearance very similar to a tadpole with a tail, but already has a two-chambered heart and primitive orbit with the lens and the cornea.
  • 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.In the future baby is an active development of the structures of the brain, spleen and kidney tab, as well as the emergence of the anus.Future fetus already has its hands and feet, the face is clearly expressed in the eyes and mouth.Begins to form muscle, and is actively developing respiratory system.The weight of the embryo in the sixth week, is already 4.5d.
  • 7-8 weeks.Begin to form the first rudiments of sexual characteristics.Continues to develop bones and limbs, there are the beginnings of teeth.On the eighth week, the embryo can already proudly cited as a fruit, it has generated almost all the major organs, and it is more like a human child.The dimensions of the head and the body are almost identical, but clearly expressed limbs with fingers and face with eyes, ears, mouth and nose.The growth of the fetus reaches about 4 cm, and weighs about 13g.
  • 9-10 weeks of pregnancy.During this period, the placenta begins to function - the main body in communication between the child and the mother.In the fetus begin to work the kidneys, and brain volume increases.By the end of the tenth week of pregnancy until the crumb 23g heavier and has grow to 7 cm.
  • 11-12 weeks.Heart and blood vessels of the unborn child is already fully formed and operate in the same way as the bodies of an adult.Usually, at this time appointed the first ultrasound, and the expectant mother can see the baby quite clearly, while occupying a horizontal position.

second trimester - 13-24 weeks

By the end of the first trimester occur more subtle in appearance, but very perceptible by the woman changes in her body.Very soon she will feel your baby move for the first time and will feel like a fetus develops and grows new life.

  • 13-14 weeks.Noted strong growth of the fetus, its size is already close to 13 cm, and weighs almost 60 grams.The kid at the time, already hard turns head, has a clear-cut face and facial expressions, and may even feel the taste.
  • 15-16 weeks.During this period, the respiratory system is not yet sufficiently developed, but all other bodies already fully incorporated into the work.body proportions change, the more closer to the standard ratios.Already clearly visible sexual organs, and it is highly likely to determine the sex of the unborn child.fruit weighs 120g, about 16cm height.
  • 17-18 weeks of pregnancy.Many women in this period are beginning to feel the first stirring of the fetus, although the experienced mothers who already have children, feel the first movement of the child a little earlier.The fruit weighs about 200g and up to 20cm, it already looks like a real baby, but with thin arms and legs.
  • 19-20 weeks.All the organs of unborn baby are formed and continue to develop rapidly.At this time, you can listen to his heart with a conventional obstetric stethoscope, and each receiving the testimony recorded in the ANC card pregnant.At 20 weeks the fetus to grow hair, eyebrows and eyelashes have, begin to grow nails on fingers and toes.Baby carry around 350g and has a length of about 25cm.
  • 21-22 weeks.Kid fully formed, actively moving and growing.He can already show emotions - smile at the sound of my mother's voice and frightened by sudden noise.fetus length of 27cm and weighs more than 500g.
  • 23-24 weeks.The period is characterized by the rapid development of the fetal brain and central nervous system.The skin is covered with a thick layer of vernix to protect against micro-organisms and becomes lighter.The child is active enough, it continues to grow, and by the end of the sixth month, on average weighs 650g.The growth of the fetus in this case is about 33cm.

third trimester - 25-40 weeks

Since 25 weeks, a woman is entering the final phase of pregnancy - third trimester.During this period, appoint a third ultrasound, and the expectant mother can accurately see what it looks like fruit and is likely to find its floor.

  • 25-30 weeks.Every day the baby is gaining weight about 25g.He has not yet fully developed lungs, but is already fully formed skeletal muscle, brain and fat cells.This is a viable child, having an average weight and height 2000-2300g 40-45sm.
  • 31-36 weeks.By the end of this period, the fetus is fully formed, his lungs are able to breathe on their own.Every day there is an increase in the child's body weight by 28g, the weight is approximately 2500-2700g and growth is 46-48sm.
  • 37-40 weeks.His skin is covered with vernix, on the fingers and toes are regrown nails.Child's weight ranges from 2800 to 3700g, height is 48-53sm.The fruit takes a stable position head down (at least - the buttocks down) and remains in that position before delivery.

We hope that this article will help expectant mothers more clearly understand how the fetus is developing and how it looks at different stages of pregnancy.Finding answers to questions, many women will feel safe and comfortable to carry "interesting position", maintaining the health of yourself and your baby.Man must certainly know what's inside his body, especially during pregnancy, it will help to have a correct idea of ​​the fetus and vertex presentation of the rules of caution in this period.Good luck!