What garment steamer is the best ?Ranking 2015

What garment steamer is the best ?Ranking 2015

analyzing the search terms associated with buying a garment steamer in Yandex, I came to the conclusion that almost every third potential buyer sets a search engine question "How to choose a garment steamer" and "What a garment steamer is the best?" etc.That is, making the usefulness of the device, many users still have doubts about the choice of a model.

Based on this, I decided to make the actual rating, based on the information from the Internet, a review of buyers and sellers, as well as - a subjective opinion and personal experience.

Selection Criteria

  1. Specifications / functionality.I had studied the data on the merchant's website and compared all the technical data: power, volume tank / uptime, number of modes, the material of the steam ironing, the presence of additional features, the presence of steam pressure, ease of use, warranty, steam capacity, the availability of accessories ...
  2. customer Reviews.Customer reviews were considered only with independent sites with moderation, such as irecommend.ru, otzovik.com, market.yandex.ru etc.Reviews on the merchant site is not taken into account, because all have long known that 90% of such reviews - a linden.
  3. reviews sellers.Also in the rankings, I talked with a few consultants steam ironing equipment and asked them for professional advice.
  4. personal subjective opinion.Still, any purchase is a personal liking.Let's give her a 15% influence on the choice, but not anymore.
  5. price.The ratio of the cost of the device and its characteristics also influenced the preparation of the rating.

So the ranking of the best Garment Steamer 2015:

10th: garment steamer Polaris PGS 1603VA

Opens our rating garment steamer Polaris PGS 1603VA.Underrated steamer for the budget market.Brand Polaris - the US, although this is made garment steamer still in China.This is a standard gravity steamer, there is nothing superfluous, only the basic functions.It is worth inexpensive, I think such a device affordable for every Russian family.

  • Type: Floor steamer.
  • Price: 5 400 rub.
  • Power: 1600 watts.
  • Humidification:. 40 g / min
  • number of modes: 4
  • tank capacity: 1.9 liters.
  • ironing Material: Plastic
  • Extras.Options: None.

Video: video review we did not find this steamer.

Comments: No I have not found too, but found a test of the instrument at a very authoritative resource bt-test ( «Consumer" magazine).

official source (link).

Opinion: good budget option for stripping easy things.Not replacing the iron, but the perfect complement to it.

9th place: garment steamer Kromax Odyssey Q-405

He Endever Odyssey Q-405.This is one of the cheapest on the market Garment Steamer.It is very stylish and beautiful.Of course, a delusion that this steamer can be perfectly ironed shirt or suit is not worth it - yes he is and does not pretend.But to fix any slight thing, blouse, shirt, t-shirt, disinfect, eliminate the odor - always welcome!Produced steamer Endever Odyssey Q-405 in China.

  • Type: small HVD floor steamer.
  • Price: 3 400 rub.
  • Power 1350 Watts.
  • Humidification:. 30 g / min
  • number of modes: 1
  • tank capacity: 0.6 liters.
  • ironing Material: Plastic
  • Extras.Options: None.
  • Other: Do not steamer rack.

Video: The model is relatively new, so it is no video review.But if you want you can find reviews on the previous models of the manufacturer.

Reviews: One positive reviews on ayrekommend and otzovike on Market ratio of positive and negative responses 50/50.

official source: no.

Opinion: The same as the previous model - a good budget option for stripping easy things.Not replacing the iron, but the perfect complement to it.Disadvantages - low power.

8th place: a garment steamer Maxwell MW-3704 VT

Record for the lowest price!In connection with this - mega model of our compatriots."My first love" - ​​so positioned this product sellers.

  • Type: hand steamer
  • Price: 2790 rub.
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Humidification:. 20 g / min
  • number of modes: 1
  • tank capacity: 0.2 liters.
  • ironing Material: Plastic
  • Extras.Options: none.
  • Other: running time - 15 minutes.

Video: none.

Reviews: on Market 3 positive and one negative review.The generally positive reviews on ayrekommende and otzovike.

official source (link).

Opinion: power steamer weak, so it is suitable only for lighter things from synthetics.Advantages of this steamer - the compactness and mobility.It can be taken with you, for example, on a journey.Disadvantages - low power and a small uptime.

7th place: garment steamer Super Jet 100A

good combination of price / performance.Should such a steamer only about four thousand rubles, but has a very decent specifications, includingdecent power, excellent performance for steam intensity, as well as - an important factor - hair iron steamer - metal, which significantly increases its service life.

  • type: floor steamer
  • Price: 4050 rub.
  • Power: 2000 watts.
  • steam supply 50 g / min
  • number of modes:. 1.
  • tank capacity: 1.5 liters.
  • ironing Material: metal.
  • Extras.Options: none.
  • Other: available accessories: mitten, a device for stripping collar, fleecy brush, clip trousers.Available red, yellow, dark pink and pale pink colors.

Video: the first model in the survey - steamer Super Jet SJ 100A.

Reviews: Good comment on ayrekommende, 3 positive and 1 negative on otzovike.

official source (link).

Opinion: Decent model with good technical performance.So the steam is already possible to bring in any kind of decent clothes, even though he, like the previous model, yet not a replacement iron.More than an adequate price.

6th place: garment steamer Kitfort KT-910 New

2015.Semi steamer model.Metal utyuzhok, comfortable desk, a large tank and a clip for trousers, with which you can direct the arrow to steam and comfortable trousers.

  • type: floor steamer
  • Price: 9900 rub.
  • Power 2200 Watts.
  • Humidification:. 35 g / min
  • number of modes: 1
  • tank capacity: 1.8 liters.
  • ironing Material: metal.
  • Extras.Functions: steam heating irons, automatic shutdown.
  • Other: Accessories: Clamp for trousers, brush, mittens, bag.

Video: yes.

Reviews: Market on 6 reviews, all positive.1 positive opinion on ayrekommend.

official source (link).

Opinion: Decent semiprofessional model with many useful accessories.iron to name a full replacement can not but benefit the farm, such a device will accurately.The main distinguishing feature - the large volume of the tank and for a long time continuous operation.Among the shortcomings - the short length of the steam hose and the low intensity of the steam.

5th place: a garment steamer Rowenta IS 6300

And here we come to the top five!Opens its Rowenta steamer known international company, model IS 6300. Not bad specifications, magnificent design and easy mesh, the so-called"Vertical ironing board" - all this - the undoubted advantages of the steamer.

  • type: floor steamer
  • Price: 9990
  • Power: 1550
  • steam supply 30 g / min
  • number of modes:. 1.
  • tank capacity: 2.4 liters.
  • ironing Material: plastic.
  • Extras.Functions: "vertical ironing board»
  • Other: clip for trousers, brush and pad.

Video: yes.

Reviews: Reviews Market leaves much to be desired, but on ayrekommend and otzovike - very positive.

official source (link)

Opinion: nice stylish steamer with a very convenient tool - "vertical ironing board."Among the shortcomings note utyuzhok plastic, low power and intensity of the steam.

4th place: a garment steamer Philips GC670 / 05

Another brand giant in our ranking - Phillips.Model steamer Philips GC670 / 05 on the right is an honorable 4th place.5 modes steaming, decent power metal sole steam ironing, double rack, a large tank volume - it's really quite an impressive performance.

  • type: floor steamer
  • Price: 13,000 rubles.
  • Power: 1800 watts.
  • Humidification:. 40 g / min
  • number of modes: 5
  • tank capacity: 2.1 liters.
  • ironing Material: metal.
  • Extras.Features: Dual Front LCD display.
  • Other: head-brush attachment with melkovorsistoy pad.

Video: yes, of course.

Reviews: Review on Market 2 positive and 2 not.On ayrekommend 5 positive, 3 neutral and 2 negative.On otzovike 6 positive and 2 neutral.

official source (link)

Opinion: Undoubtedly, the top model with a variety of useful functions.The disadvantage was a slight overpayment for the brand, but it is Philips, and Philips - quality!

3rd place: a garment steamer MIE Deluxe

Honor bronze medal in this confrontation gets the most powerful steamer on the market - MIE Deluxe!In addition to the high power it has the following trumps: the vapor pressure of 3.5 bar, the double telescopic bar, lots of accessories, steel ironing sole with built-in heating element, which prevents the occurrence of condensation.

  • type: floor steamer
  • Price: 15 100 rub.
  • Power 2250 Watts.
  • Humidification:. 55 g / min
  • Number of modes: 3
  • tank capacity: 2.5 liters.
  • ironing Material: metal
  • Extras.Functions: steam pressure of 3.5 bar, the double rack.
  • Other: Accessories: mitten, fleecy brush, brush velvet, for arrows clamp heat-resistant plate and a device for stripping collar.

Video: yes.

Reviews: The best combination of these reviews!On Market 7 good, 1 bad.On ayrekommend 3 good.On otzovike 2 good.

official source (link)

Opinion: All you need to strip it has: high power, steam pressure, for a long time, several modes, hair iron with a heating element, which is not spitting water, and this is the bane of all the Garment Steamer.This steamer can replace iron, but details such as sleeves and cuffs ironed is it more complicated.But in all other respects it is much more convenient and safer.In the first place this device did not get the same reason: it only steamer and everything, and now in the trend of multifunctional devices.Next, we will focus on them ...

2nd place: a garment steamer, steam cleaner and steam generator irons with Grand Master GM Q7 Multi

The main advantage of this device - its versatility.This powerful steamer and steam cleaner and an iron with a steam generator in a single device.Optionally, you can buy just steamer or steamer with a steam cleaner, steam cleaner, iron (Elite Model).All are interchangeably connected to the steam generator.Also available steamers of this model with two varieties of steam ironing - rectangular and triangular (the R and T).GM Q7 Multi steamer equipped with a steam valve, which creates a vapor pressure of 3.5 bar.

  • type: floor steamer, steam cleaner, iron and steam generator
  • Price: 700/18 14 250 (Elite)
  • Power: 1950 watts.
  • steam: 70 g / min (steam pressure mode)
  • number of modes. 1
  • tank capacity: 2.3 liters.
  • ironing Material: metal.
  • Extras.Functions: packing for steam cleaner, iron, connected to the steam generator.
  • Other: vapor pressure accessories.

Video: yes.

Reviews: Market Model Multi / T - 4 positive, 1 negative.Market Model Multi / Elite - 2 positive.On ayrekommende 3 positive reviews and five negative.At first glance, it is alarming, but a detailed study, many of them do not apply to the product, such as this one and this one.On otzovike 1 positive feedback.Also, this steamer has been tested by employees of the magazine Consumer maximum positive evaluation.

official source (link)

Opinion: The model is worthy of attention, if only because that by buying one unit, as a result of buying as many as three, but the price of one (well, a little inflated).Well, as steamer device has a very decent performance.Deserved second place!

1st place: a garment steamer ironing board MIE Compatto

And the winner of our merciless race Garment Steamer becomes Italian garment steamer ironing board MIE Compatto.This is the only steamer from all presented, which not only will be able to fully replace the iron, but also combines a lot of useful features, including an iron and ironing board feature and the ability to standalone use.This is a novelty in 2015!

steamer MIE Compatto has a full ironing board and iron is very steamer can be used for steaming and ironing stuff.In addition, the ironing board has an additional function for ironing trousers.

steamer can remove himself from the rack and used offline, because it is quite easy, and cord length allows.it is also convenient to steam curtains because Kompatto - long hose.Lightweight and compact unit with maximum functionality plus a very reasonable price - 12,500 rubles.deserve unequivocal first place.

The disadvantage, low power, but this problem is easily solved with the help of an iron function.Where not cope steamer, there will always come to the aid of iron, which is the steamer itself.Oh, how difficult skazalJ

  • Type: Outdoor / portable steamer and ironing board
  • Price: 12 500 rub.
  • Power: 1500 watts.
  • Humidification:. 35 g / min
  • number of modes: 1
  • tank capacity: 850 ml.
  • ironing Material: metal.
  • Extras.Functions: the function of the ironing board, the function of the autonomous use steamer
  • Other: Built-in heating element in a steam ironing accessories.

Video: yes.

Reviews: reviews still little, because a new article.I found only one positive on Market and ayrekommend.As well as two surveys: the first, second.

official source (link)

Opinion: Excellent device is undoubtedly correct in the economy and has, in my opinion, very important conceptual advantage over all others - it can fully replace the iron.

I wish you all good luck in choosing!