How to cause a miscarriage ?

How to cause a miscarriage ?

The passion partners sometimes forget about contraception, and such carelessness often results in an unwanted pregnancy.In this article we will talk about how to cause a miscarriage.Do not forget, however, that it is fraught with adverse effects, so it makes sense to drop their fears and seek medical advice to have an abortion.

How can cause miscarriage folk remedies?

There are many ways to get rid of the fetus by means of folk remedies.However, we must remember that they are not safe and can give complications.


can cause miscarriage, taking a hot bath with mustard.This procedure will expand the blood vessels of the pelvic organs that trigger rejection of the fetus.However, it is very dangerous, because bleeding can be very strong and stop it yourself is not always possible.This way, you can not interrupt the pregnancy in late pregnancy, as this may result in the death of a woman.


a safer way to cause miscarriage is a decoction of various herbs.It is best to stay at the watercress.Grass pour over boiling water, leave for 10 minutes and then passed through a meat grinder.The resulting mass is pressed through cheesecloth.Is assumed as follows: 10 ml of juice is diluted with 20 ml of water, the mixture was refluxed a few minutes, after which it is necessary to drink 10 ml three times per day.

Ledum palustre

This plant can also help get rid of the fetus.To prepare the broth will need to pour a glass of boiling water 5 grams of raw materials and let stand for 3 hours.Means taken three times a day before meals for 20 ml.Follow the dosage, since large doses of poisonous plants.

As drugs cause miscarriage?

Not all can help folk remedies, provoking miscarriage;in this case it is possible to apply to medicines that can help solve the problem.This can help the following drugs:

  • Mifegin;
  • Mifepristone;
  • Mifepreks.

These drugs can be used in a period not exceeding 40 days.It is important that all of these drugs should be taken only in hospitals under the supervision of a physician.They can not be purchased at the pharmacy;they go directly to the medical institution.

patient remains under observation for two hours after taking the drug, and 36-48 hours should come on ultrasound examination.Also, the next day after taking the drug need to drink a prostaglandin analogue, which will provide the uterus actuation tone.If it turns out that pregnancy is not interrupted even after taking the drug, it is strongly recommended to have an abortion because the fetus is likely defeat.

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