How to increase the fat content of milk ?

How to increase the fat content of milk ?

Every mom knows that her baby needs breast milk quality, which should be quite bold.Friendly girlfriends and grandmothers trying to teach a young mother how to increase the fat content of milk.In situations where the milk is low-fat, pediatricians are advised to give the mixture a grandmother shouting that their children are raised on cow's milk.How to be and who to listen to?If you sue, we do not know where and how to eat cow's milk and what it gives.Also in cow's milk is very rich in calcium and phosphorus - more than breast, up to six times!For the child's body is dangerous excess of these substances, the child's kidney with great difficulty coping with the amount of phosphorus.This applies to children up to three years.If the child already has three years, he easily assimilates these substances and cow milk is useful for him.With regard to the mixture, before the mixture reaches the shelf in the store, it is treated carefully and reduce the amount of phosphorus added vitamins and various micro and macro elements.Of course, the problem of selection is also dependent on the finance because less milk mixture.

Yet most mothers fed their children milk, so think about how to increase the fat content of breast milk.

Increasing the quantity and fat content of milk

What stimulates the production of breast milk, and increases its fat content?In the first place, to appear in breast milk, it is necessary to massage the baby during feeding.Put your baby to the breast, it also stimulates the production of milk.It is important to adjust itself on positive emotions, stress and nerves in what good will not result.Drink plenty of fluids (2 - 2.5 liters per day).Another very useful for breast massage under running water when you bathe in the shower.

Many are concerned that the child only after eating, asked again.This could raise the suspicion that the milk is not as bold as it should be, and not a child eats.But you need to pay attention to the fact that the stomach is very small in children and milk is digested quickly.So maybe you think that kid often eat.

If the milk really is not enough fat, then you can try to increase the fat content of its products with the help of only a very, very carefully.Referring to the grandmother's advice to find out what foods that increase fat content of breast milk, can help you in this situation:

  1. tea with condensed milk (condensed milk a positive effect).
  2. useful for lactation use of nuts and dried apricots.Especially useful walnut, but it may have come from allergy baby.Eat should be no more than a few tricks.
  3. Cow's and goat's milk, but not too fat.
  4. Cottage.

In general, many people believe that breast milk so enough fat, if the mother eats properly and balanced (in moderation eat healthy foods: meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, cereals).Excessive increase in the quantity of any products can adversely affect the baby's health, as it can seriously affect the quality of milk.

More often advised not to think about how to increase the fat content of breast milk, and how to increase its quantity, that is to improve lactation.Keep track of the amount of milk produced, the baby appetite and weight.If any of this is wrong, it is best to call your health than on their own to try something radically change in your diet.Protect your children and yourself!