Why dream of a breast ?

Dreams, as we know, can be prophetic, when seen in a dream is embodied in reality.But sometimes dreams are confusing and require interpretation.So, what dreams chest?

The dream book Denise Lynn said that the female breast in a dream can symbolize love and selfless feeding.

Maya believed that if you dream of a woman's breast, then this week you will meet someone who will take care of you and cherish.In order not to miss this opportunity, the ancient Indians believed that the need to carry a feather in the week.

The noble dream book N.Grishinoy given a detailed interpretation of what dream of breastfeeding, as well as other interpretations of dreams about male and female breast.Moreover, the interpretation of dreams for men and women also differ.For example, if a man dreams that he is luxurious, muscular chest - a profit and living in wealth.If on the contrary the chest stunted and fell - to poverty and failures in all.

abundant vegetation on the chest of a man says that he will be recognized in the society.If you have seen a breast - it is profit.

If a woman in a dream saw a beautiful male breasts, in reality it will bring her happiness.The symbolic significance of bears and shot in the chest - as if pierced by an arrow Cupid heart.This dream portends success in love affairs, change for the better, as well as a sudden discovery.If you are in a dream climb into the open chest hand - is the inspiration, the constant presence of the Muses near you.

If a man dreams that he has milk in the breast, in fact, it is waiting for a monetary success.If a man in a dream feeds the breast, then in reality it is waiting for the imminent addition of offspring.

quite different interpretations of what the dream of a woman's breast, if you see women's breasts in a bra, it promises you the trouble, and naked breasts beautiful promises happiness on the contrary, tend to love.See hairy female breast in a dream - a bad change in life, a painful anxiety.Nothing good also portends a dream in which you are sucking women's breasts - this dream promises illness.

If a woman dreams that she was the owner of the chic bust, then in reality it will be honored.Small breasts contrary promises hatred surrounding society.Breasts filled with milk, portends happiness and wealth, and the solid on the contrary, poverty and damage, as well as pendulous breasts.Wrinkled breast is a symbol of long life and marital fidelity, and cut off his chest - to treason.

If you dream a woman breastfeeds, the reality she soon becomes pregnant.

If you saw in a dream not his, but someone else's chest, then soon you will learn about their shortcomings.

All dreams are the result of our subconscious, and therefore relate to their treatment must be carefully and wisely.

Pleasant dreams!