How to increase lactation ?

How to increase lactation ?

One nursing mother may seem that her baby is not getting enough breast milk.And then the question arises as to increase lactation?

Before you respond to it, it is important to understand the main thing: the nature originally intended that each woman was able to fully nourish their child.Cases of reduced lactation or her absence may be due to hormonal disorders, chronic debilitating diseases or infections (eg, cancer, tuberculosis).But these cases - very rare.

In order to understand how to improve lactation breast milk, you should be familiar with such as a lactation hormone prolactin and oxytocin.

Hormones lactation

Prolactin - a hormone that provides milk production.Most of all he likes, when the baby at the breast.At these moments the brain receives information about the number of sucking, and hence the need for the milk turns.Prolactin feels their necessity and begins to work very actively.Appearing during suckling it will begin to produce milk only after a few hours.Thus, the milk will be produced as long as the child needs.

That's the first answer

To generate the required amount of milk for infants, feeding should be on demand, including at night.Moreover, it was at night and the number of PRL podutrennie hours maximum, so be happy if your crumbs wanted a snack at this time.Also let him suck for as long as he wishes, and follow correct capture of the nipple.

As we can see, do not worry, when the period of intensive growth of the child lactation volumes are not keeping up with its needs.Within a few days, everything will work out, just be patient and give him the breast more often.

So, the milk produced.However, apart from this it must also deliver to the areola.And it is responsible for this hormone oxytocin.It was under his influence milk squeezed by muscle cells from the glands and goes to the nipple.The factor that stimulates the production of this hormone is a positive emotional state of the mother, especially the feeling of love, sincere and warm.Love for her child, her husband, to other people, to life.Touches and strokes also help oxytocin work.Not for nothing are advised to carry their child "skin to skin", making him a massage, undress at feeding time.

If oxytocin is not working, the baby can not suck milk, despite the fact that it has chest.When this happens?First, when the mother adrenaline in the blood appears.That it blocks the production of oxytocin.


In any situation, a nursing mother, if he wants to milk "not gone", must be positively serene.

But do not worry survive difficult.Therefore, in these situations it is necessary to try to bring the adrenaline through the work of the muscles.Any physical activity can help with this: cleaning the apartment, the usual walk, exercise, - each finds its effective way.Then it is important to relax.This helps a shower or a warm bath (in the absence of time, you can only lower chest to the pelvis with warm water).By the way, most herbal concoctions that are advised to increase lactation actually have a relaxing and calming effect.Thus they contribute to favorable conditions for the development of oxytocin.

Nutrition and mental attitude

What else you need to remember?And the fact that no matter how well does not like to work with a lactation hormone, but it will be hard, if the mother does not eat fully and does not drink enough liquids (including soups).The diet should be raznooobraznyh and include all the basic food groups: meat, fish, dairy products, cereals, eggs, vegetables, fruits, berries, bakery and pasta products.


During breastfeeding meals have to be balanced and complete.

And, of course, important internal psychological infusion nursing mothers for long-term breastfeeding.


Mom must, first of all, she want to nourish your breastfed baby.

When sincerely willing and confident in their abilities, then all must come out!The question is how to increase lactation milk, you probably do not even arise.