How to hack maynkraft server?

How to hack maynkraft server?

Sometimes you want to have fun, for example, or play over someone to make a joke.You can "nashalit" on any server.Hack Minecraft server is difficult, but possible, and for this we need only take the following simple steps.

How to hack

  1. server is installed Python - it is necessary to start and run properly Gravybot program.
  2. Open the Python console and run Gravybot.We see there are some welcome text string and query ip-addresses.Please note that the ip-address can not be copied and must be entered manually.
  3. Enter the ip-address and see that you are asked for the speed of the Internet, which you can give to your computer.
  4. In the Select thread, enter the desired speed of the Internet.

Once you have entered all the required information, you will be prompted to choose the type of attack on a Minecraft server.

How can I use a game server

  1. Creative drop - will constantly fall a variety of things.
  2. Chat flood - used to spam chat different messages in very large quantities.
  3. Reconnect Flood - this function is used to spam the players a variety of messages about connecting and disconnecting from the server.
  4. Packet flood - a feature that is used in order to avoid the previous effect.
  5. Timeout - making it impossible to play other gamers who, although they will be on the server, can take absolutely nothing for as long as they are not banned by the server and will not eject.
  6. Slot fuller - filling the server queue - makes it impossible for joining the server to other players, because the queue is constantly busy.

In order to continue using the program, you must choose one of the options, and then you will be asked to specify one particular nickname or occasional nicks, which will extend the selected function.

After you select the desired option and press the Enter, the program once again asked you about whether you want to apply it.When the function is activated, you will immediately see that the server those things happen, that you have chosen - the players will "throw" one after the other in the event that you have chosen this option.

Be careful, because there is a possibility that you as an intruder can calculate and banned by ip-address on the server that you have selected the object of their attack.It is interesting, however, that the program does not depend on whether you are on a server or not, and therefore it will continue its work until until you close it or switch off.In order to stop the program and the execution of a function, you must enter the «Stop» command.

It should be noted that this program does not allow to crack the official server of the game and gain control over it.But it is a very good job with any custom servers, allowing you to get the resources to manipulate the players, and do many other interesting things that will make your game more interesting and varied, or just give you some fun, creating inconvenience to other players, ejecting them from the game server and not givingthey go at it again.To avoid unnecessary problems, it is not necessary to crack the administrator in Maynkraft, because when he will restore their rights, can ban you.

Now you know how to hack admin in Maynkraft.It should be understood and the fact that all these actions you will perform at your own risk, because they are persecuted by the law.