What vacuum cleaner is the best ?

What vacuum cleaner is the best ?

How often, going to the store, we are faced with the problem of choice.This is especially true more or less large purchases, mainly, home appliances.Her choice today so wide that it is sometimes defined quite difficult, because you want to take into account all the nuances and acquire the most profitable commodity.

That's about what a vacuum cleaner is the best, we usually reflect already standing in the shop of home appliances, and we understand that know almost nothing about how to choose the best vacuum cleaner.With the current variety of models to decide sometimes very difficult.After all, the selection criteria here are many: it is the power consumption, and suction power, size and design.And besides, there are washing vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter for wet and dry cleaning, a variety of dust collector.I must say that even with such a variety of vacuum cleaners can be divided into three main categories: cleaning, dry cleaning and a variety of exotic options.The latter, incidentally, are vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and recently entered the robotic vacuum cleaner fashion.However, to help choose the best robot vacuum cleaner can only be a qualified technician.It is no secret that the robotic vacuum cleaners are more expensive than their more traditional counterparts, but their price is understandable: they are quiet, compact, no one is prevented and independently monitor the cleanliness of the room.So if you are ready to buy a vacuum cleaner, you will not regret it.But first, find out for yourself exactly what is the best vacuum cleaner, online reviews can help you in this.Check out what they think about different robot cleaner people have bought and use these technical innovations.

If you are not yet ready or do not want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, the further we will talk about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner is normal according to different criteria.

Which vacuum cleaner is the best: the selection criteria

Suction power

This criterion is the first and most important.Every vacuum cleaner should qualitatively carry out their task - to remove dust.It plays an important role suction power.It is important not to confuse it with the power consumption, because it is absolutely different things!For example, a vacuum cleaner with a power of 300 W is perfect for routine cleaning lightly soiled surfaces.However, if you, for example, live a regular moulting pets, you should pay attention to the cleaners with high power up to 450 watts.I must say that today, in stores you can find vacuum cleaners switchable power that is undoubtedly the ideal option, of course, if such a purchase budget allows.The more suction power at the cleaner the better, it is not necessary to take a vacuum cleaner with suction power below 300 watts.

type dust collector

dust collector can be in the form of a bag or container aquafiltering.Bag - the cheapest and most uncomfortable option.Thus, the cloth dust bag holds a large dust, but misses the fine.Furthermore, it requires regular washing.it is not necessary to wash the dust Paper dust it holds well, but these dust bags should be changed frequently, and this - the costs.Container - a more convenient type dust collector.It is great delays of any kind dust and dirt, but vacuum cleaners with dust collector rather noisy.Vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter - one of the most modern.As such there is a water filter, through which air, dust-laden.All dust is retained in the water, and clean air comes out into the room.Lack of vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter - a high cost.The best vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter will also help determine the responses from the Internet and, of course, it is checked in the store and at home.

In any case, the presence of additional filters, regardless of the type dust collector - is always good, so the more there are, the better.

cleaning function We are accustomed to the fact that conventional vacuum cleaner sucks up dust from the floor, and that's it.Recently, however, are gaining popularity modern washing vacuum cleaners, which, in addition to the standard functions for the dry cleaning of floor coverings, also provide for washing windows, cleaning sinks, cleaning large debris.This wet vacuum cleaning is carried out once in two weeks, whereas the conventional vacuum cleaner, we usually use in a day.In spite of this the number of indisputable advantages, there are also significant drawbacks, at least partial removal of which manufacturers sometimes defines for us what is the best washing vacuum cleaner will be selected.

First of all, the price and weight of the device.In addition, it is necessary to wash and dry, what do not always have the time after each cleaning detergent cleaner parts.Also, the inconvenience can deliver need to buy special detergents and water remaining on the cleaning surface and is not absorbed back.Choosing a vacuum cleaner or an ordinary prefer - you decide.


This is not the main criterion, but still pleasant, when the vacuum cleaner is not "buzzing like a locomotive."As you have already noticed earlier, the quietest vacuum cleaners - a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The manufacturer and service life

Here, as they say, the taste and color ... If you read the reviews about what a vacuum cleaner is the best, you will find that on the same Mark says both good andbad.Therefore, when choosing a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, consider, of course, its pros and cons, which describe people, but at the same time to carefully evaluate the goods in store, check it as much as possible.So, generally speaking, good reviews are US and European manufacturers, but most of their expensive vacuum cleaners, but at the same time they have a long service life.Offer a good option and Asian manufacturers of vacuum cleaners is cheaper, but also to choose "their" need to carefully vacuum, with most of the average lifetime of a vacuum cleaner - 5 years.