As a gynecologist determines pregnancy?

As a gynecologist determines pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered the most important and wonderful step in the life of any woman.Many remember with awe her pregnancy as a magical time of the birth of a new man.How to understand that you are pregnant?In this article we look at how doctors determine the gestational age, any signs of pregnancy are taken into account, as well as what methods confirm / refute pregnancy exist.

External signs of pregnancy tests

So on what grounds the doctor can determine pregnancy?In modern medicine, there are the following symptoms, the presence of which may indicate pregnancy:

  • absence of menstruation (the egg after fertilization the female body starts producing progesterone, through which menstruation ceases, and she begins to prepare the uterus for pregnancy and birth of a child);
  • changes in taste preferences (may be an aversion to some foods that you constantly ate at the same time want to have something from which you all the time to turn away, greatly increases the appetite and salivation);
  • nausea (many women already in the first weeks of pregnancy feel persistent nausea in the morning, and during the meal);
  • changes in the breast (in the first weeks of pregnancy can cause severe swelling of the breast, as well as increase their sensitivity);
  • vaginal changes (during pregnancy vaginal discharge increase, and in some women because of this may even be thrush).Do you

data Description signs on reception at the doctor clues pregnant.However, it is worth remembering that these features are rather conventional.So doctors determine pregnancy, based on external features.

clinical methods of determining pregnancy

All the doctor will not be able to accurately confirm that you are pregnant, without conducting special studies.So, as a gynecologist determines pregnancy using methods available medicine?

  • Urinalysis.This method is considered to be able to detect and clinical pregnancy in 99% of cases.As a rule, the analysis makes 10-14 days, as it was at this point the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin reaches the indicator, which confirms the pregnancy.Such an investigation can be carried out primarily on their own, and this will help you a pregnancy test.They also respond to the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine (usually above its index in the morning).
  • ultrasound.ultrasound method used to confirm pregnancy at 3-6 days of menstruation.Ultrasound is the most reliable way, because at this stage it will be possible to see even the rhythmic contraction of the embryo, and the work of forming a child's heart.
  • Blood.This method is able to confirm pregnancy only in 90% of cases.Your doctor may prescribe it after a few days delay of menses to ensure your pregnancy.
  • Inspection.Almost all gynecologists who work more than one year with the pregnancy can determine pregnancy using a pelvic examination, and breast examination.So, by direct probing doctors say that the uterus grows in size, it becomes soft, her cervix is ​​painted in purple color, but the halo breast nipples darkens.