How to use a breast pump ?

Many moms do not always stay close to your baby, time to feed him breast.Especially for such a situation, we come up with a breast pump - a device that simulates a child's lip movements and expressing her milk from the mother's breast for subsequent storage and use.But not all mothers know how to use a breast pump, and some who know complain that he is expressing bad milk.We want to help you solve both of these problems.To begin with, what are breast pumps.

Types of breast pumps

  1. Manual.The intensity of this breast pump depends on your personal efforts.You control the device with the help of his hands.Accordingly, the more and faster you use a breast pump, the more milk you will get.
  2. Electric.Its just enough to properly install and play.Then you just need to relax, and a breast pump to do the job himself.Electric breast pump, especially corporate, expensive manual.

Using Breast

In this column we'll show you how to use a breast pump manual and electric.In general, the rules are the same, but still often refer to the instructions for your particular device - some activities may vary.

  1. If you use a breast pump for the first time, sterilize it first, and then reassemble according to the instructions.
  2. Well wash your hands, massage the breasts, calm down and relax.Imagine that now you will not express in their milk, and your baby will suckle.So you turn to the work necessary reflex, without which the milk will not do.For a better view, you can sit around your child.
  3. Place nipple in the center of the flange, to be comfortable, so that you do not feel uncomfortable and that the nipple is not rubbing on the plastic device.If you are using a pump-action model, start rhythmically pushing the bulb;if the piston model - several times lower the lever to choose for themselves a comfortable speed.If the first time using an electric model, also start with the minimum speed and intensity, gradually adjusting the device for themselves.At the beginning of the use will go droplets of milk, but then the milk will thin or flat stream or a pulsating spray.If it happens that way, and you do not feel pain at the same time, it's all right.
  4. If the milk flow has ceased, remove the breast from the chest.When using a manual breast pump comes in 12-15 minutes after use, when using electrical - twice as fast.
  5. If you want to save the milk, then immediately after straining put it in a tightly closed container and store in the refrigerator.
  6. After using the instrument need to disassemble, wash and dry.

Useful tips

To improve the effectiveness of the breast pump, you can use some tricks:

  • Try to express milk all the time in the same place, the same atmosphere and always a warm room.It is necessary to form a clear and reflex vasodilation, resulting in milk will go faster.
  • also helps stimulate milk ejection representation of everything that flows: tap water, showers, waterfalls, etc.
  • If breasts swollen and hard, before the procedure carefully massage it across the surface.
  • If there are cracks on the nipple, before decanting they can lubricate the usual vegetable oil.
  • If milk flows poorly and slowly, change the time on the chest, and then return again to the first.
  • use the appliance can be about every three hours.
  • If the breast is complete, and milk is slow, check the serviceability of a good breast pump.

You see - everything is very simple!Suffice it to practice and learn how to tune in to the process, and the question of how to use the pump, just disappear by itself!