Why dream about blood?

Why dream about blood?

Meaning of dreams can not be overstated.Of course, part of the dream obeys vivid impressions experienced during the day and distorted what happened, but sometimes dreams become a source of information for consideration in the coming day.Often predictions based on the dreams come true, and this is true.For example, what a person dreams of blood in a given context?

English dream book

What dream blood?Blood in a dream - a very bad omen.Rather, it means the loss of someone close.If you see blood in his sleep on the eve of the wedding, double-check all the arrangements, perhaps some event can destroy your union or spoil the whole ceremony.If you see their hands stained with blood, then you are on the way to being, to commit some act that will radically change your fate for the worse.Therefore it is necessary to stop and think about their actions.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

Most often the blood is any damage, exhaustion or even death.Depletion can be anything - physical, emotional, financial.Often the blood from his sleep means your anger toward anyone.That is the form in which this blood appears in your dream, it indicates how this anger will manifest itself in reality.

Dream Miller

If you see blood on his clothes, it means that you want to stop the enemies in your career.Be wary of new acquaintances and strange people.If you see blood on your hands, you are threatened with failure in the future, if not hastily embark on anything.If blood is shed in your sleep or flowing from the wound, you will need to take health, as it is - a symbol of a serious illness.

Muslim sonnik

If you have fallen into a puddle of bright red blood, you will soon expect wealth and success.If you dream that drink human blood, then you will soon get some wealth by illegal means.Beware of illegal transactions in this case.The same thing is a dream in which a person is bleeding from the nose.Sleep with bloodstained earth designates the trials and conflicts.

Often women are interested in the question of what dreams monthly blood.Small Dream Book interprets the dream as follows: if a woman dreamed menstrual blood, then it is time to take care of your health.Maybe soon will be felt old sores.If a pregnant woman sees such a dream, it means the future healthy offspring.