How to breastfeed ?

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How to breastfeed?

Today, dear reader, we will focus on breastfeeding, which is the only natural way to feed a newborn human.We will try to touch on a wide range of issues, the amount of the benefit is the article allows.In general, we will answer the question of how to breastfeed.


This process can not be considered purely an act of feeding your baby, as it implies a whole purpose psychophysiological interactions with the child's mother.The determining factor in the success of breastfeeding is rooming baby with the mother immediately after birth.

Now about how to properly breastfeed.Here is a set of some of the rules that have been formed by different mothers.Learn from their experience and help you.

  • Remember that the guarantee of good feeding of the baby - this is the right mental attitude.Work on yourself and the formation of positive attitudes towards breastfeeding should begin long before the birth of crumbs.No joke, but it is from your inner state of mind affects the quality and quantity of milk during lactation.It should be firmly assured that breastfeeding is a must for your baby.
  • important is the fact that breastfeeding is fully formed child's immunity.No mix, even the most expensive, it is unable to.
  • among young mothers there is a myth that breastfeeding should be held on schedule.It should not be.Often, it is this bias has a negative impact on the entire feeding period and causes the child to give up breast milk.The main problem associated with this area of ‚Äč‚Äčnursing is that the child should be fed at his request.But what to do if he wants to join the mother's breast in the hour of the night?Experienced mothers suggest the following process solutions.To get up from the bed you can put the crib with the baby close to her.Remove one wall, and the first time you wish, you can take the baby in her arms and fed him.This organization of food crumbs will lead to the fact that it will work out regime and you certainly get used to it.

What is "proper feeding"

And here is some practical advice on how to breastfeed:

  • feeding process, or rather, one act of the mother's breast feeding may take 25 to 40 minutes.Only the most active children can handle for 5-10 minutes.You do not avoid those days, when a child is literally hanging on your chest.You must have patience and forget about yourself for the duration of feeding.If your child suddenly dropped off to sleep, do not hesitate to wake him.
  • Many women refuse to feed your baby naturally, referring to the fact that the amount of milk in their breasts is not enough.With this sometimes very difficult to fight, but that's no reason to give up breastfeeding.Here's what you need to know in order to increase the level of milk in the breast:
    • Apply baby to the breast as often as possible;
    • setting yourself up for breastfeeding;
    • All sorts of herbal lactation increase the volume;
    • Eat nutrient mixture based on milk, such as Femilak, Madonna, Marseille;
    • as often as possible to change the way of increasing the volume of lactation to the body does not get used to one drug or nutrient mixture of herbs.
  • Many women, having a strong desire to prolong breastfeeding, faced with the problem of determining whether the milk is really small for the baby.Here, as can be determined:
    • small weight gain in a month (less than 500 gr.);
    • restless child after feeding;
    • Reducing the daily amount of urine your baby (child should urinate at least 6 times a day);
    • chair child (liquid, green, slimy);

All these facts - it is a way of how to breastfeed.Lessons learned many different women suggests is that critical in feeding woman has a mental attitude and love for the child.To learn more about the process of applying the child to his chest read our article titled "How to apply to the chest?".It described in detail all the procedures that are necessary for a successful baby food.

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