How to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy ?

How to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy ?

Pregnancy can be undesirable for various reasons, but our goal is not to lecture on contraception rules.Because first we'll show you how to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.What are the different ways in their basic essence of what is important in this regard.

Methods of abortion

There are two main ways of abortion: medical and surgical.

  1. medical termination of pregnancy is possible with up to 6 weeks, and it is desirable - up to 4, is the fruit of more weakly attach to the uterus.The method itself is a single reception pills prescribed by the doctor.Thereafter, the patient must be under the supervision of medical personnel, at least two hours.Two days should undergo ultrasound control, and two weeks to come to the US and re-inspection, to ensure the full disposal of the fetus.

    Efficacy of medical abortion - 95-98%


    • not require surgery;
    • menstrual function restored within 25-30 days;
    • least traumatic of all methods of abortion;
    • possible in the early stages, when there was not yet a complete overhaul of the body.

    Possible complications:

    • continuation of pregnancy (incomplete abortion);
    • small uterine bleeding;
    • vomiting, nausea, pain in the abdomen;
    • allergic reactions.
  2. Now let's talk about surgical abortion.In the early stages (6-12 weeks), the cervix dilates with special extenders and the doctor scrapes the fruit of tools.At a later date (20 weeks) of the fetal body are trapped and taken out separately.This method of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy can cause many complications.Here are the most common ones:

    • uterine damage adjacent organs (bladder, intestines, etc.). Tools;
    • inflammation of the genital organs;
    • cervical erosion and other damage;
    • further neoplastic diseases;
    • strong uterine bleeding;
    • various infections;
    • violation of hormonal function and menstrual cycle;
    • adhesions;
    • infertility.

It is said that there are so-called traditional methods of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy.We do not describe them asUse these methods not only causes serious complications, but may even lead to death.

The choice of method depends not so much on your desire as on the duration of pregnancy.Thus, the surgical method of treatment may vary depending on the length of gestation.

Remember that the outcome of the termination of unwanted pregnancies also largely depends on the period.As a rule, the sooner you will perform the procedure, the better.The role of physician qualifications.Do not engage in such serious things at home or in the clinic questionable.

avoid unwanted pregnancies

It should do everything possible, so you do not think about how to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.Now there are quite a few different contraceptives, so you can choose the right for you.

  • Condoms.Probably the most common method of contraception.It is also useful because it protects against diseases transmitted sexually.
  • IUD.Set gynecologist for a certain period.
  • Combined oral contraceptives (COCs).This is one of the most reliable methods of contraception.The following shall apply, after consultation with the doctor.

important to know that coitus interruptus often does not protect against pregnancy.

It is best to make an appointment to see a doctor and to choose the method of protection against unwanted pregnancy, suitable for you.

If pregnancy still came

Symptoms of pregnancy:

  • first sign that the pregnancy - a violation of the menstrual cycle (month delay);
  • breast enlargement;
  • nausea, vomiting after eating, changing the olfactory sensations and appetite;
  • frequent urination;
  • increased pigmentation of the skin, nipple.

These signs are conditional, if you think you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test.If a positive result as soon as possible consult a physician.If your solution is uniquely, remember the rule - the sooner the better.