How to stop lactation ?

How to stop lactation ?

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How to stop lactation?

At the end of breastfeeding there is a need in the cessation of lactation.For this period it is important to approach thoroughly, so it does not impact negatively on the health of the baby and mother.

Ways termination of lactation

Stop lactation is possible in various ways.Each of these have their advantages.How does it do this use selects for itself every woman alone.

Natural termination

lactation It is best to stop lactation in a natural way, as this is the safest method.It aims to reduce the number of feedings.As a result, each time the milk is produced less.This will allow the body to normalize its work without haste, and baby - get used to artificial feeding.Of course, the quick stop lactation in this way you will not be able, as a gradual decrease in the number of feedings required several months.But you can avoid breast diseases.

Reducing fluid intake

Stop lactation can also by reducing fluid intake, as this will help to reduce the production of breast milk.Women should reduce the consumption of soup, water and food, causing thirst.Gradually you will be able to separate the child from the breast, and the body will stop the production of milk.Such a method is also safe and has no side effects.

use drugs

Today, there are pills, ceasing lactation.These funds help the pituitary suppression activities.As a result, milk is no longer produced.But it is important to keep in mind that such tablets often contain hormones.Therefore, taking them may cause negative consequences for women.It is important to choose the best preparation of such actions your doctor - it will reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Among the most popular tablet, intended to stop lactation, are the following:

  • "Bromkriptin" - a drug that inhibits lactation, and normalizes the menstrual cycle.To achieve the desired effect, it is required to take a few weeks.It is important to bear in mind that it can cause headaches, nausea and other ailments.
  • "Dostinex" - this drug is a powerful drug that quickly blocks the production of prolactin.To achieve the desired effect required to take it all in 2 days.
  • "Bromkamfora" - such a drug is a sedative and does not contain hormones, which makes it very popular.Its main active ingredient - bromine.Action from the reception of the drug is slow, but it is very rarely causes side effects in women, so many gynecologists prescribe it for its cessation of lactation.

Also to this end, may use the following drugs:

  • mikrofollin;
  • Utrozhestan;
  • Orgametril;
  • Cabergoline;
  • Parlodel;
  • Djufaston.

They have a rapid action, so it will be possible to stop them in a lactation period of 14 days.

Folk remedies

Stop lactation may be folk remedies.They are more gentle on the body and do not cause side effects.You can use one of these effective folk remedies:

  • Take 3 and chop them.The resulting mixture of herbs pour 2 cups boiling water, cover the container and leave for 2 hours.Then strain the infusion and drink it for 50 ml 3 times a day for 5-10 minutes before a meal.
  • Take 2 tablespoons sage leaves and walnuts, as well as the hop cones.Pour ingredients 500 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for 2 hours.Strain the mixture and drink 50 ml 3 times a day before meals.
  • use cabbage leaves, which in the short term can help to stop the production of milk.Attach them to the chest and hold for as long as they do not podvyanut.Then replace them with new ones and so do several times during the day.Treatments with cabbage leaves to repeat until completely will not stop milk production.
  • Take 5 g of belladonna and pour 200 ml of vodka.Insist the mixture for 7 days and then drink 5 drops 3 times a knock.
  • Take 2 tbsp.spoon bearberry and brew 400 ml of hot water.Leave grass for 2 hours in a closed container, then strain and drink in small sips throughout the day.
  • Assist stop lactation diuretic herbs: basil, jasmine, nard, white bloodroot, cranberries, parsley ogradnaya.It is necessary to take some of these herbs and brew boiling water.Then leave it all to infuse for 1 hour, strain and drink in 50 ml during the day.
  • also help stop lactation cold compresses.But do they care.Take a towel and wrap it 7-10 ice cubes.Then, attach it to the first one breast at 3-4 minutes, and then to another.Repeat this procedure to require several times throughout the day.

As it is impossible to stop lactation

The oldest method for the cessation of lactation - war chest.It is believed that if the squeeze dense breast tissue, they quickly reduce milk production.However, this opinion is erroneous, and the process - dangerous.When squeezing

secretory breast lobules it does not cease to function, so the milk is still produced, this leads to a lactiferous overflow passages.This process causes the breasts bursting from within, as well as a strong discomfort.But that's not all negative consequences.Since milk is decanted, then it begins to form lactostasis.It can cause a woman not only to deterioration of health and sickness, but also mastitis.Also, the inflammatory process begins in the breast, after decrease it leads to scarring of tissue in mammary lobules that provokes changes in breast shape.

In the future, this will negatively affect at the next feeding of the baby - will be attended by severe pain and hypogalactia.It is possible that there will again mastitis.Therefore, by this method it is strongly recommended to refuse.

In any case, if you decide to stop breast-feeding, it is best to consult a doctor.Depending on your individual characteristics and condition of the body, he will choose the best option.

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