Which phone to the child?

Which phone to the child?

Today, demand for mobile phones are experiencing not only adults but also children.This is quite convenient - parents can always call their child, not to worry.Also, it is useful to note that the ability of children of this age have a daily contact with technology, will help them in later life, full of digital technology.

But which phone will suit the child if there is a huge number of brands and models?From this different and their price, but considering the fact that children tend to lose a lot, it is better to choose a more low-end models.While this may not like young dandies and ladies who want to show off a new super - gadget to their classmates.

Main elements selection

  • Mobile Phone for primary school-age children should be easy enough, because the child is still not able to properly handle with a - or technology.The ideal shape is the model, made in the form of a candy bar, it is more difficult to break because of the strength of the body.
  • You can also pay attention to the model, such as the Nokia, releasing phones with panels of different colors.Bright small phone - a candy bar that will suit your child.Also it is possible to buy mobile accessories - lace with cheerful prints with multpersonazhami etc. Case
  • But which phone to buy the child has secondary school age?It is worth to pay attention to what the child already knows how to work correctly with more techniques and gain a functional model.For example, the built-in camera, music players and a number of mobile games.
  • for schoolchildren should also choose a model in the form of a candy bar because of its practicality.But the color of the model has it's better to be neutral - classic black or metallic.It will not be clearly stand out against the background of a school uniform.
  • bad if this phone has a slot for an additional memory card.This will increase the amount of information stored in a two - three times.So, your child will be able to take photos and listen to your favorite music.
  • interface and the phone menu should be as clear, without unnecessary items or obscure features.The child will not be able to deal with them, or by logging into the application, which he did not know how to use, simply break or block the phone.
  • different passwords and PIN - code must also be as simple as possible.You can just program the phone on PIN - code consisting of four units, or any other combination that will choose and will be able to remember your son or daughter.
  • Another important criterion for model selection should be the battery capacity.The longer the handset can operate in standalone mode, the better.This is especially useful for various school trips and excursions.After all, check your child remotely difficult if he 'sat' phone.
  • One of the most energy-intensive brands of phones are all the same Nokia and Samsung.Battery charge phones of these companies - manufacturers of the phone allows you to work up to 5 - 7 days without recharging.
  • Since the children rarely sit in one place, the chance of damage to your phone from hitting the ground or asphalt is very large.So you should choose a phone with the most rugged.In some models of Nokia and Siemens have phones with metal inserts to increase the strength of the hull.
  • Also the phone to be water resistant, because the chance that a child can drop it in a puddle or a wash basin in the school toilet is also very likely.
  • have a Nokia and Siemens old models have similar features.And besides, these models are inexpensive, that does the best fit to the first phone.
  • Also, choosing a phone for the student, it is worth remembering that many of the documents and files are now distributed in electronic format, and to be able to transmit data, the phone must be Bluetooth, and a headset to it - USB cable and a special port.
  • Which phone child from 14 to 17 years old fit well, so it supports mobile internet and WiFi.Becauseat this age children are now all actively communicate virtually.Using social media, e-mail and other Web - functions should be available in the mobile phone.
  • all of the above characteristics are touchscreen phones, smart phones.Touch phone for adolescent child - not just a communication device, but also an attribute of style and prestige.So be prepared for the fact that your child will ask for more expensive model.
  • Since the smartphone will not only need a teenager to work or school, how to communicate, you can save money by selecting a model with features for communication on the Internet, the player and the camera.For more advanced functionality will be useless.Even can be useful additional memory slot.Much of the data will be stored on the network - in social media.And it will save you money if you buy a model without such a slot.

Special Phones for Kids

Many firms - phone manufacturers have long been trying to expand the market at the expense of children's audience.And that its difficulties, because children are not very good "get along" with the technique.

So, Siemens tried to release mobile especially for young children - model Leonie.The function in the phone are the three keys that can be pre-programmed.The phone body had several bright colors.

company Eastcom made more functional model.The phone was already five function keys and uploading photos of parents and linking them to a phone number.Thus, choosing a photo of mom or dad, the child would automatically call them.

Also this phone model limited the number of incoming calls for children.Call this number could only ones whose rooms were made to the SIM - card phone.