How to dance belly dancing ?

How to dance belly dancing ?

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How to dance belly dancing?

Many of us are wondering how to dance belly dancing?This is not surprising, because belly dancing is not only fascinate with its beauty, but also beneficial to women's health.During training increases endurance, train muscles of the arms, waist, back, improves blood circulation organs of the abdomen and pelvis, there is a grace of movement and flexibility.Belly Dancing - this is a good breathing exercises.With the help of dance you will be able to express their feelings and emotions, recharge your good mood and attract the views of others.

Let's look at how to learn to dance belly dancing?It is not too difficult.Engage in at any age and with any physique.In today's world, belly dancing is very popular.Having mastered the simple techniques, you will not only introduce your body in tone, but also get a charge of positive energy.Often, people dancing belly dancing is always cheerful and fit.Where oriental dance dancing in our time?It can be fitness clubs and a variety of school-studio.Also, right now you can see the lessons of oriental dance on TV or on DVD.

main rules

necessary to remember the important rule for beginners.Hands should not hang out, it's best to be the position of "arms to the side."Otherwise it will be spoiled even the most beautiful movement of the hips.In no case do not slouch.The buttocks should be pursed, unless you want them to participate in the performance of the movement.The neck is long, his head raised and obligatory smile on his face.

Useful exercises

Here are a few exercises for those who have decided to learn to dance belly dancing at home.

  • Shaking shoulders become straight, arms slightly dissolve in hand, feet together, forward display alternately left and then - right shoulder, gradually increasing the tempo until then, until a small shoulders shaking.
  • Circles FEEDING: be straight, arms slightly dissolve in hand, bend your back, bring forward the chest, the right to withdraw its smoothly rounded back and to the left to apply.The tempo can be adjusted, it can be both fast and slow.
  • Large hips circles: circles resemble breasts, hips just work now.Displays the left left thigh, retract the buttocks, then - right right thigh, then pushed the pelvis forward.Above the belt body to keep still.
  • Wave stomach: be straight, arms dissolve in hand, draw the abdomen in and push themselves out, inflating the abdomen.
  • Pendulum: to become straight, hands to dissolve in hand, the distance between the legs of 10-15 cm to the ribs pull the left thigh, slightly relegating the left heel, then push the thigh to the starting position, lowering the heel on the floor..Repeat the same right thigh.Movements are performed smoothly, the tempo gradually increases.Knees try not to bend.
  • Arab eight: to become straight, feet dilute 10-15 cm, hand in hand.Tighten to the edges of the left thigh, lifting left heel off the floor, and then expand the pelvis and lower right heel on the floor.The same thing is done right thigh Knees do not bend, increase the pace slowly and gradually.
  • Rocking: be straight, knees slightly bent, hands in the parties.Left thigh lift up to the ribs.Then, dropping it at the same time raising the right hip.Ensure that the body was motionless, only work the hips up and down.
  • waves his hands to become straight, arms slightly to the side.Tighten up the left elbow, while lowering down the right
  • procrastination: to become straight, hands to dissolve in hand.Make a left step left foot while taking his right thigh and right leaning to the left housing.Then fasten the right foot to the left, the right thigh return to its original position.Repeat the same in the other direction.
  • Beat hip aside to become straight, feet together, knees slightly bent and push the left hip to the left.Then make an impact right hip.When the beats you can play hands.

on this topic on the Internet, there are a variety of videos.How to dance belly dancing you can learn by reading the relevant literature, which is also in short supply.On the Internet you can find a huge number of books, which detail how to learn to dance.But - it is better to lessons online.Plus this method is that you can do at any time, no need to adjust to the schedule of classes.Minus - it is impossible to control the load and correct exercise.

Oriental dancing - this is a good way to cheer up, feel better, to feel confident in the women's charms and win the heart of the man she loved.