How to do a prostate massage?

How to do a prostate massage?

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How do prostate massage?

Health Prostate massage is used as prevention of certain diseases of the male - mainly prostatitis.Now we'll show you how to do prostate massage at home alone or with the help of his wife.Note that there are enough options for prostate massage, we also introduce you to the most effective of them - on the reviews of doctors and patients.Important note: before their own conduct or that prostate massage course, consult with a specialist.

Preparing for massage

In that case, if you wife or nurse doing prostate massage, ask for it to start to carry out preparatory procedures which are to stretch your muscles before the main massage.First of all, you need to properly handle the waist and legs, because it is the most important part of the body to massage the prostate and of their warm-up will largely depend on the effectiveness of the main proceedings.Therefore mash deeply and strongly rub the waist and legs, easy to handle arms and abdomen, and then spend a little massage of the head and neck area.And now proceed directly to the prostate massage.


massage This type of massage is one of the most effective and appropriate for a massage at home when the wife does prostate massage.To start the procedure you need to take the knee-elbow position, slightly prognuv back.Massira (wife, a nurse, a doctor, masseur) Wear rubber gloves, lubricates the index finger with Vaseline and insert it into the patient's anus.The procedure can be performed with the full bladder, but then the prostate may seem slightly increased to the touch, but because it is easier to find.Incidentally, it is a distance of approximately 4-5 centimeters from the entrance of the anus.

prostate massage is performed with the help of stroking movements on both prostate lobes.The intensity and effort involved in the movement to be controlled, based on the patient's sensations.Also note that in order to carry out transrectal prostate massage at home, you must first be sure to consult with a specialist on the absence of contraindications.Of course, before the procedure is necessary to conduct a preliminary purification of the rectum using an enema.

Vibration massage

If you are at home Vibro adaptations can be carried out prostate massage and with their help.The procedure consists in the fact that with the help of a semi-circular plastic or rubber tips affect the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae low vibration for 5-7 minutes.Repeat this massage should be a day for 2-3 weeks.Also, with the help of special devices (such as "Effect 1") can be carried out independent of the abdomen and massage, back and buttocks.

This is best done in the morning after emptying of the bladder and bowel.Also, in order to massage has the desired impact, it is desirable before the procedure, take a warm bath or apply a so-called fitokompress (herbal).During the massage, use massage cream, which must first be absorbed by the skin.

Connective tissue massage

From the title it is clear that this technique of massage is based on stimulation of the connective tissue.Let's start with the spine - let the wife or the therapist massage your lumbar and sacral.Next you need a good stretch your hips and the lateral surface of the buttocks.Now we do abdominal massage - from the navel to the pubic symphysis and up - to the ilium.This massage is useful not only for prostate, but also at various nervous and mental diseases, as there is stimulation of the venous circulation and central nervous system.

The connective tissue massage is best done in a day, as well as vibrating massage.As for the other recommendations, how to do prostate massage - Video will provide you with invaluable help here.View a short film about the technique of connective tissue massage is worth several pages of explanatory text.

Whirlpool prostate

Some experts consider very useful the so-called hydro-massage prostate.This will require an enema (rubber bulb), enema solution, petroleum jelly and boiled water.First you need to wash the perineum, vulva and anus, and then do a cleansing enema.After you have spent cleansing, wait 15 minutes, and enter into the anus a special solution, consisting of a decoction of chamomile, furatsilina and potassium permanganate in small concentrations.

volume of the solution should be about 0.5 liters to any urge to defecate, and the solution should be at room temperature.If the urge is no need to increase the volume of the solution, if it is too strong, on the contrary - to reduce the dose.The benefit of this solution is that there is thermal, physical and chemical stimulation of nerve receptors anal area that has a beneficial effect on muscle tone and intestines, as well as activation of blood circulation and prostate functions.This is one of the most effective ways to do prostate massage.