How to dance Go Go ?

How to dance Go Go ?

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How to dance Go Go?

If you want to definitely learn how to learn to dance go go, then you should learn more about this dance at all.That understanding of the essence of the dance will help you learn how to perform.Truly feel the character and mood of the dance you can watching the video.As Gou Gou dance professionals and beginners, video tutorials and master classes.

Gow Gow: the essence of dance

Go Go - it is not genre specific dance, and specific performance of different dance style, combined into one.Gou Gou does not assume certain specific movements, it is just the ability to move well to any music.More often go go dancing in clubs, discos, parties.What unites them?Improvisation, freedom, emancipation and enjoy the rhythm.That is the essence of dance Gou Gou.During the lessons you will learn to get free, and move to the beat with a strange music, improvise, be able to pass from one style of dance to another by changing the music, so it was nice and relaxed.

Benefits and advantages of Gou Gou

  • You do not have to learn specific movements, combinations, their sequence.You are free, you improvise, you show your creativity, thus developing it.
  • There are no clear limits and rules, as you can go dancing go for all kinds of music.
  • movements Variety trains all the body uses all the muscles completely gets your body.Required elements of stretching, flexibility and developmental plasticity.It will be helpful to any girl, and not only in the night club or at a party.
  • emotional performance inherent in dance Gou Gou, will develop in you an artist.Self-confidence and emancipation - this is the fruit that you get if you learn to dance Gou Gou.
  • Dance Gou Gou includes a whole body movement as a whole: hands, feet, body, facial expressions;all in motion around the emotions.Grace, elegance, rhythm, plastic, emotions of different styles create this dance.

Go Go: Fundamentals

In general, we have already touched on the basics of dance Gou Gou.

  • Mixing different styles into one.
  • lack of specific movements and combinations.
  • Gow Gow - is correct, emotional movements to any music.
  • ability to improvise and express themselves, the ability to move beautifully on the motion to the motion by changing the music;competent change of style of dance without stopping.
  • Gow Gow suggests some degree of eroticism (not a striptease, it does not undress).Plasticity and cats flexibility flirting motion;emotional game - the required attributes of Gou Gou.
  • main goal - to enjoy the music, giving vent to his movement;feel the rhythm of the depth and reflect it in motion.
  • spectacular alternation of acceleration and deceleration movements and the ability to charge the spectators and all the others - that's another goal Dance Gou Gou.
  • Imagine winding women 60s, vytantsovyvaetsya on tables in bars - that's where the dance went.They danced to ignite the audience, they gave the music, they kept the rhythm.

From all this you can imagine how is energy-consuming dance Gou Gou.The need to determine the share of physical preparation.Because in for sports, train flexibility, plasticity and coordination.Learn Gou Gou.Even the video tutorials give the result, because Gou Gou - is freedom.