What is the best hair ?

What is the best hair ?

desire to always look good is inherent in every girl - and if you feel comfortable and self-confidence greater.And if the idea of ​​what it means to "look good" every girl his own, the one they are in agreement: beautiful healthy, and above all well-groomed hair - the key to success.And then only we do not do: all kinds of tools and masks, as a preparatory stage, and different hairstyles and styling - to complete the image.

And if the masks and means everything is clear (each girl chooses formulations suitable in composition), it's the choice of tools for hair styling eyes just run away: hair curlers, curling, bobbins, curling irons, irons for corrugating - just do not count.And yet, frequently, the main method is hair styling.But when buying questions may arise: what is the best hair dryer and a hair dryer is better to buy, rather than just hold in your hands.

1. The main criterion when buying a dryer - its functionality:

- if you need a hair dryer, just dry the hair, then it is better to buy a hair dryer - a hub;

-poeksperimentirovat hair: make big waves, playful curls or simply to give the amount of help styler - hair dryer with different brushes - nozzles.Which hair-brush better - difficult to answer, becauseHe has no fundamental differences from a conventional dryer.Select it according to the same criteria as conventional hair dryer.The only thing important to note that with a rotating brush hair dryer is intended only for short hair, long he confuses and breaks;

- for those who have made perm or who simply curly hair, suit dryer - diffuser.Diffuser - a special nozzle in the form of a semicircular cup into which are inserted hollow tube.

2. An important role when choosing a hair dryer plays his appearance.

- today in stores presented two forms of the dryer: "gun" and "cylinder".Which model to give preference to - you decide.The main thing is that you feel comfortable to hold it in your hands.By the way, very often women choose the model easier, but on the advice of the experts, it is better to buy a hair dryer, which is just heavier weight (dryer motor wrapped metal shell and, accordingly, the thicker will this shell, the longer it will last you a hair dryer);

- for the convenience of work better if the temperature mode button located on the side and speeds: then, without changing the position of your hands, you can quickly switch between modes during the drying / styling;

- also note the wire - length should be sufficient to rotations and virtuoso movements of the head, and at the same time it should not twist.

3. Power.To make the hair dry hair or just enough to choose a hair dryer with a capacity of 1200 - 1600 watts.Of course, the quality is very professional hairdryers, with capacity of more than 2100 W, but with the hairdryer to work wizard, which makes laying a few minutes (otherwise just dry hair, before you have time to put them in order).Also, there are hair dryers with a capacity of less than 1200 watts.- They are usually purchased as a "road version" and are intended only for drying hair;

4.Rezhim work.Every hair must have at least three temperature regimes and cold air mode «cool» - it is intended to secure the installation.

In addition, some have hair dryers air ionization mode, through which smooths hair scales, decreases the level of static electricity and hair get shine.

5. Another issue of concern to us in the store - a hair dryer is better to choose by brand.To date, proven manufacturers such as «PHILIPS», «BRAUN», «BOSCH» and «SIEMENS».And to the question "which one is best professional hair dryer" Hair stylists often respond "PARLUX".They are highly valued for its functionality and usability.

And yet, even if you have a super modern hair with various modes and attachments, remember, the regular use of a hair dryer makes hair brittle and lifeless over time.If you can not completely abandon the hair dryer drying hair, then do not forget about the special cosmetics for hair - they protect your hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures and give them strength and shine.