As previously determined pregnancy?

As previously determined pregnancy?

Every woman is curious to know about how determined before pregnancy.Especially if a woman is experiencing doubts about his position.Pregnancy All different runs.Someone from the first days delay feels changes in the condition of the body and experiencing new sensations.Someone pregnancy goes completely unnoticed, and to identify it by the first signs of becoming more complicated.

Common signs of pregnancy tests

delay monthly

delay menstruation is one of the first signs of pregnancy and bright.Especially if before this cycle of the woman was a regular.

Poor health

Even before the delays a woman can feel bad.It can disturb abdominal pain, recurrent cramps, possible bleeding, which is called implantation.The cause of these symptoms in the first place is to plant embryo in the uterine wall.Planting of the embryo takes place a week after conception.


Hypersensitivity In pregnancy, breast sensitivity is increased.there is pain in the chest and a feeling of heaviness.Around the nipples may darkening and the appearance of pigmentation.

Nausea Nausea - this is the most frequent and widespread alarm about the occurrence of pregnancy.Toxicity, which causes nausea, comes a week after conception and can last for 12 weeks.About toxicosis can be judged by the presence of mild nausea, weakness, and in some cases of severe vomiting that can lead to full dehydration.


Headache in early pregnancy may indicate hormonal changes the body.


mental state of a woman during pregnancy can dramatically change the mood.A woman may be irritable or tired, cheerful or too closed.

Aggravation smell

It's no secret that pregnant women dramatically change eating habits.Appetite may increase or vice versa abyss.The most frequent urge the woman there to sour and salty foods.

Frequent urination

The longer the pregnancy, the greater the size of the uterus.The uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder.Typically, frequent urination starts at a later stage of pregnancy.

That's how determined before pregnancy.

Unfortunately, none of the above features may not give an accurate confirmation of pregnancy.Any of these may be accompanied by symptoms of a particular disease.