Which tea is best?

Which tea is best?

Maker can be called one of the most important parts of the kitchen.Without it, as without hands.How else can you quickly and without the hassle of boiling water to heat to your favorite coffee or tea.But what to choose?Which tea is best?When in the market of home appliances of so many, so many types and variations, so many varieties of characteristics and prices.In this article, we'll help you choose.

Aluminum maker

If you chose an aluminum teapot, the first thing you should pay attention to the quality of matching material with a chemical composition, safe for humans.That is, what would be at the boil, the water is not saturated with heavy metals and organic pollutants.Given that the quality should be good, not only outside but also inside.If you decide to choose a kettle, then leave the choice of aluminum in the last instance, as with time, it is able to allocate the water in the compound, which our body does not need.

Maker Stainless

China, which is made of stainless steel meets all toxicological standards.Tea made from stainless steel, it does not emit harmful substances into the water and do not harm your health.The alloy used for the manufacture of such dummies, has high anti-corrosion performance, and is not subject to the influence of chemicals.

Care kettle stainless steel

uses special detergents, the abolition of the powder, which can damage the finish.

brushes made of metal, may also damage the kettle.It is recommended to use a soft sponge to wash.

To remove dark spots on the surface, using citric acid or vinegar.

Under these rules, a kettle will remain in good shape for a long time

enameled kettle

teapots, covered with enamel, came into popularity for a long time.Previously, they were also called oblivnye.Their only advantage was the liveliness of colors, which are more or less decorated with black-and-white plates.Of the minuses - the adhesion of grime, flaking enamel coating inside scum.To these problems do not occur, there are rules of operation enamel teapots:

Before using, fill the kettle with water and boil.Let it cool, not by pouring water.If inside there Teschin and chips, better abstain from this pot, because it is likely defective, and the water will get into harmful compounds.

  • Enamel can crumble under the stress and uneven heating.So hot kettle should not be placed on cold or wet base.
  • Enamel is chipped off, if a long time to wash the kettle with vinegar or alkalis.
  • To get rid of the inside of the kettle browning, you can boil it in a mixture of water and ash.

cast iron kettle

Available find a kettle is almost impossible, except that somewhere at the flea market.But if you decide to give their preference to it, then you should know that the water is heated in it for a long time, because the cast iron conducts heat poorly.But when the kettle is already heated, the water stays hot for a long time.Also iron kettles are not deformed, not fade for a long time and are not afraid of scratching.Disadvantages of this - a tendency to rust from the water, a lot of weight and fragility of iron that a fall can cause splits and cracks kettle.

If you are already thinking how to choose tea, why not opt ​​for such a thing as an exclusive samovar.

Samovar looks quite exclusive and rich, also gives Tea Party coloring folk traditions.Samovars are made can be of the most diverse materials, such as copper, brass or iron.But the problem is the high content of lead in water, boiled in a samovar.That is better that he is the subject of the interior, rather than a means for tea.An alternative to the samovar, which will be given to the water of normal quality is Thermo.


finally reached and the question of how to choose an electric kettle.Thermo is a variation of an electric kettle, but its obvious difference is the ability to maintain a stable temperature inside.That is, the water in zakipyachennaya Thermo long cools.Inner wall he made of stainless steel.Designs and materials for the production of Thermo make it a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and fairly useful thing.


One of the most popular types of dummies, which are used at the moment.But how to choose the kettle that heats water using electricity?We give it a little more time and tell you more information as these types of pots are more common and require separate study.

What to look


When you choose tea, you should pay attention to its volume.Medium variant considered kettles with a volume of 1.5-1.7 liters.Just take into account the cost structure of a family.If you have a large family, it is necessary to choose more tea.Airpots have a larger volume of about 3 liters.


Modern electric kettles have a power of 650 watts.The higher the power, the faster the boil kettle.But it is also worth considering that the electricity consumption when more power is greatly increased.Another important factor is the grid.If you have a new, copper wiring, it is possible to buy a kettle and more powerful, but if your wiring is still being done in the Soviet Union, it is better not to risk it.

heating element

There are electric kettles rotary heating element, and a spiral.Kettles with a spiral element, worse heat the water, and they are more difficult to clean, but emit less noise.Kettles rotary heating element, it is easier to clean, the water is heated faster.


Almost all kettles equipped with filters, whether in the nose, whether already built into the appliance itself, but still they are there.The only difference as filtering.More expensive kettles, with integral filter systems, except for the filtering could still, and soften the water.Basically, the filter is task of avoiding falling into a cup of scale particles.But if you're more careful attitude to this issue, you can purchase teapots are able to filter water from organic compounds, heavy metals and various chemical impurities.Which tea to choose from these modifications will tell you a consultant or your wallet.

Housing material

despite numerous number of dummies, made of different materials, is set unobtrusive matter what tea is better?Plastic, metal, or glass?Just compare the pros and cons of each.Plastic kettles noticeable that the least heat, cheaper cost.But if you decided to save money, buy a plastic kettle white, because white is the safest plastic.Metal kettles are durable, water is heated faster and more durable, but their body heats up strongly.Kettles glass are considered more environmentally friendly, but it is difficult for them to care for and they lend themselves to break more often, because they can break.

Some teapots are built more and more features, built-in light and sound indicators, systems maintain a stable water temperature.Can all this to look for when buying a kettle.

Well, that's basically it!Now that you know how to pick tea, which one will work best for you and your family.Good luck with your purchase!