How to make so that was a miscarriage ?

How to make so that was a miscarriage ?

In the twenty-first century, there are many available means of contraception, but they do not give a 100% guarantee against pregnancy.Cases and unwanted pregnancies, which need to be interrupted.In a situation where the woman does not want to become pregnant to give birth, the better for it - go to the clinic for help of specialists.However, for various reasons women choose not to contact the medical institutions and trying to make a miscarriage at home folk remedies.Of course, the effectiveness of these methods is questionable, and the consequences are usually very dangerous for health.However, below are five famous folk ways to make your home a miscarriage.

Broth bay leaf

Argued that to do so was a miscarriage, you can use two cups of boiling water and bay leaf packs.Say, pour enough boiling water over two packs a bay leaf, brew and drink the resulting potion.And you can repeat the procedure for fixing.Offering this method believe that is contained in the broth bay leaves enzyme can cause strong contraction of the uterus and thus miscarriage.

According to eyewitnesses, the way this working half: enzymes from the broth of killing the fetus and cause uterine contractions, but do not throw away the fruit of the womb.Thus guinea went with a dead embryo in the womb, which of course resulted in serious consequences for the health and hospital.

Hot Tub

most amazing way to make a miscarriage of the proposed traditional medicine.Become pregnant girl is invited to lie in the bath and gradually fill it with hot water.So hot, how can withstand a body - at the limit of tolerance.Taking a bath should be as long as the uterus begins to bleed.

Practice shows that women do not wait for uterine bleeding, fainting from heat exhaustion, and the strongest, if the uterus is still zakrovotochit, cooked in a blood bath unconscious.


principle of this method is similar to the adoption of broth bay leaf.Taking into iodine (which is extremely dangerous to life) she gets severe poisoning organism that halo that stimulates uterine contractions.Pregnant body in such a stressful situation, understand the damage caused by the poisoning of the fetus, and decides to get rid of it, so as not to make in life crippled in the womb of a freak.As it turns miscarriage.

However, calculate the required, preferably the maximum permissible dose of iodine for human organism is almost impossible, therefore, Oral iodine is fraught with severe poisoning and life-long liver problems.

bucket of boiling water and a glass of vodka

Along with hot tubs method is very unusual and amazing.Traditional medicine offers become pregnant girlfriend to provoke a miscarriage, chug a glass of vodka and sit bare ass on the bucket with boiling water.

As this method should work - is not known, but probably vodka should cause alcohol poisoning the body, and a pair of boiling water to provoke a heatstroke.All together should lead to a reduction of the uterus and thus miscarriage.


Of all offered the most reasonable method because belongs to the category of medical abortion, but it is not safe.Postinor - strong hormonal emergency contraceptive, which is taken within three days after intercourse.When used properly, postinor prevents fertilization of the uterus, ie, prevents pregnancy but do not interrupt it.However, increasingly postinor in the last couple of years have been applied in late pregnancy for her interruption.From the calculation that a large dose postinora inflict strongest hormonal blow to the body and trigger a miscarriage, women take 7 - 8 tablets and get the desired hormonal punch, and after him, and hormonal imbalances in the body and a heavy blow to the ovaries, which in some cases leads toinfertility.

All of the above ways to make miscarriage at home unsafe and likely to lead to serious health consequences, if you try to use them.So if you really want to terminate a pregnancy - see a doctor once, not to have to refer to it regularly afterwards.