How to increase the bust ?

How to increase the bust ?

high, full, beautiful breasts - is the object of attention of the stronger sex, and the dream of every woman, so different methods of breast augmentation are the weaker sex in such demand.

To date, there are many ways to increase the breast - ranging from special diets consisting of foods contribute to breast augmentation, plastic surgery and ending.Also known methods of breast enlargement, based on special exercises, special creams, medications and hormones: they promise to quickly, effortlessly make a chest of your dreams.

So, how to increase the bust and what to choose when, as it turned out, the disposal will give thousands of ways to achieve the desired?Is it effective and whether to believe the promises?

Foods that promote breast enlargement

beautiful breasts want to have everything, but under the knife to bed here so soon without a fight nobody hunting.Therefore I propose to run through the list of products, which, according to some, will increase the bust.

  • Cabbage - Traditional medicine recommends the use of women in this vegetable food for the non-surgical increase her breast.Cabbage is certainly useful for the human body, however, recent studies have shown that even if you eat tons of cabbage, breast of it you will not grow unless you two small head of cabbage in her bra place.
  • Tea with milk - is another product which, on the recommendations of traditional medicine can affect the growth of the mammary glands.Milk contains a lot of vitamins, and black tea promotes better assimilation of nutrients.Confirmation that this drink helps to increase the breast - not.
  • Bean - is a theory that the peas, beans, beans, promote the growth of breasts.According to scientists, these products contribute to the elasticity of the chest nothing more than cabbage.
  • Honey with walnuts - this delicacy is good for the skin, the potency, improves health and well-being, so it is recommended to take overall health.
  • Rice porridge is certainly useful to the chest, but that it should not be there, because it is necessary to do for the night wraps the chest, and in the morning after a shower lubricate chest chamomile infusion.From these procedures, the chest you will not grow, but the skin will be tender, soft, smooth and silky.
  • Fatty foods, of course, can help to increase a breast, but there is a risk that, together with the breast you will increase and weight.

How to quickly increase the bust

Quick, simple and the inexpensive way to increase bust known since time immemorial - to buy special underwear with foam pads.In addition, in the women's arsenal there are many different ways to visually enlarge and lift the breasts.

Drug bust increase

Pharmaceuticals could not stay away when there are so many who want to increase the bust.Non-surgical methods are based on the use of specially designed drugs, ointments, creams, etc.The structure of many of these drugs include phytoestrogens, plant compounds similar in its properties to female hormones that contribute to the acceleration of substances and blood flow to the exchange problem area.

use of such funds can really help to increase the chest, however, this effect will be short of action.

hardware massage

constantly advertised techniques to increase the bust - vacuum massage and hardware - can give the desired effect, especially if it is conducted on a professional equipment.However, be prepared for the fact that you will have to repeat the procedure for maintaining the effect obtained every two weeks.

Increase bust in home

On sale there are various techniques and exercises to increase bust at home: video courses of special exercises aimed at a certain group of muscles, pump breast enlargement, which provide blood flow, etc.

Exercise to help

method of breast augmentation without the help of doctors - complex exercises to develop and strengthen the pectoral muscles.And, as practice shows, this method gives results: after a workout your chest will look more toned and appetizing.However, it is not necessary to hope that exercise will contribute to an increase in breast cancer - breast shape and size laid down genetically, and therefore ordinary means it can not be changed.You can only improve what you have, but you can not get what you never had.

Endoprosthesis breast

method, which continue to use millions of women - joint replacement, which is used in more than half a century.This method is considered to be reliable, efficient and in demand, despite the possible consequences.During the consultation the patient with the surgeon stipulate the form of the implant size and incision site.Today it is the most effective and lasting way to get the chest of your dreams.