Which camcorder to buy ?

Which camcorder to buy ?

As someone said of the great: "The camera has taught us how to see the world without it."In addition, with a camera, you can capture the memorable events, rent a home video, and, perhaps, start to shoot a masterpiece of cinema.So if there was a question in front of you, what kind of camera to buy, pay attention to the characteristics listed in this article.

We have already talked about the choice of video equipment in the article: "How to choose a camera?".

best models

Now consider in more detail the specific model of video cameras in order to understand what a video camera is better to buy.At the moment, the best among modern video cameras are Samsung SC-HMX10, Canon HV-10, Sanyo VPC- HD1 / VPC-HD1a, Panasonic HDC-DX1EE-S, JVC GZ-HD7, Sony HDR-UX7E.All of these cameras can shoot video with the best quality (HD), the ratio of price and quality is quite acceptable.Which one to choose - it's up to you, everything will depend on your taste preferences, and some of the nuances.

Media Types

Earlier, thinking about what is best to buy a video camera, the choice was not so great.Analog video cameras provide a rather narrow range of models and types of cassettes, which record video.

Nowadays, in the era of digital technology, the choice is quite wide:

  1. cassettes.If you are used to good old cassettes, it is still possible to use MiniDV.They will allow you to record high-quality video and sound, but the recording time is usually very limited.
  2. DVD-drives.Vosmisantimetrovye DVD-drives are convenient because after recording can be immediately inserted into the player and view on the big screen.Recording is possible on DVD-R, the so-called blanks which recording is possible only once.It is also possible to use DVD-RW-drives with a reusable recording.When choosing a disc should be noted that not all of them compatible with a specific type of DVD-Player.
  3. Hard Drive.Modern digital cameras are based on the processor, and is a mini-computer.Some new models exists and hard drive - internal memory camcorder on which the video is recorded.Typically, the camera's memory is quite large and can hold several hours of continuous recording.
  4. Memory card.Small flash cards truly become the salvation of the 21st century.With their help, you can increase the amount of memory the phone, mp3-player, stored data and can now be used in camcorders.And the SD format is gradually giving way to improved SDHC, which in the future promises up to 32 GB of memory.

Two in one: the camera and the camera

Any digital camera can shoot short videos, as well as most cameras can shoot photos.But in the past, as a rule, the quality of these photos were very low and is not suitable for professional photography.If you are looking for a technique currently, the best course to take two devices.But for amateur shooting, there are models in which quality photos at a fairly high level.


For sound quality recording, you will need an external microphone, because there is no built-in microphone can not be compared with them in quality.Therefore, when buying a camera, always check to see whether she had an input for an external microphone.Unfortunately, at the moment, even the expensive models do not all have such support.


Think about how often and in which conditions you use your camcorder.Keep in mind that different models sensitivity to lighting, too, is very different.Therefore, when buying you should check if the night mode, the lamp mode in daylight your camera and others.Also, be sure to check its quality, because the very presence has not said that the video will be really good.


And the last thing that should take into account when choosing what to buy a video camera - it is comfort.Hold it in your hands, turn and try to start shooting.Feel each finger button, understand a little bit in control.Try on the weight of the camera, Spin the wrist to feel better, whether you comfortable with it.If the camera sitting as a native - in a hurry to congratulate you on a successful shopping!