How to enlarge breasts without surgery ?

Many women dream of a lush breasts.Some people think that plastic surgery - it's the only way to solve the problem, but it is not.In order to enlarge the breast, making it firm and taut nowadays there are many ways not requiring plastic or other surgery.

gels and creams

gels and creams intended for breast augmentation include hormone phytoestrogen.Due to hormone metabolic processes in the female body are accelerated, increasing blood flow, and the size of the pectoral muscles getting bigger.To the maximum effect was achieved, creams and gels should be used regularly for a long time.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage is the most popular way to increase breast size without the use of pills.It consists in the fact that on his chest imposed special vacuum banks with a certain pressure, due to the pressure exerted on the breasts of blood flow increases.This procedure should be repeated every month, otherwise the effect will last for long.Vacuum massage service is available in nearly every beauty salon.For best results, take care of your diet.The diet should include legumes (peas, beans, soya) and cereals.


In many countries, its popularity gaining special bras, which have the ability to lift the breasts and increase its size.The secret of these bras in a vacuum exposure.The bra should be worn for 11 hours every day.Most women prefer to wear a bra at night, but to achieve the best result possible, while in the upright position.


there are special exercises to increase breast.These exercises include push-ups, strong pressing palms on each other, are at chest level, training with dumbbells or on certain simulators.By strengthening the pectoral muscles can contribute to an increase in the volume of the chest.In addition, use exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back.

Massage Massage - this is one of the most effective ways of contributing to an increase in tissue.This massage is recommended to use lotion.Massage will increase blood circulation, and this will contribute to the growth of the breast, as well as its elasticity.Massaging the chest with both hands should be in a circular direction, starting from its top, and ending with the armpit.


reception of female hormones can cause breast growth.But remember that this is not a safe way.In addition to the action on the breast growth hormones they have an effect on the rate of cell growth of malignant and benign tumors.So before you start using hormones, surveyed at the doctor.

Auditory training

Nowadays becomes very popular method of self-hypnosis.This method allows you to control the body at our request.But the effectiveness of anger management is a big question.If you are not a hard-headed skeptic, try this method.Lying at bedtime, relax.Imagine how your body begins to fill the flow of heat from the tips of the hands and feet.Heat should move to your chest, slowly filling the body with food and oxygen.Breast size begins to increase due to the growth of new cells.Some say that the method of self-hypnosis works.

special role in increasing the breast plays the woman's age.Adult women are much more difficult to influence the size of their breasts, than girls who are in puberty.