How to increase breast folk remedies ?

For some women, their breast size is the cause of stiffness and lack of confidence.But not all are willing to go under the knife to achieve the desired result, and then they turn to folk remedies.In this article, we will discuss how to use traditional medicine can increase your breast size.

mallow roots

method of breast augmentation decoction of the roots of the mallow is an old Ukrainian recipe.The natural hormone mallow contains phytosterol, which affects the growth of the mammary glands.The recipe is as follows: three tablespoons mallow roots pour 600 ml of water and boil 15 minutes.Then the broth filtered.Broth should drink 1/3 cup three times a day for half an hour before a meal.The broth is perfect for compresses on his chest.To breast has increased by one size, drink medicine need 3-12 months, be sure to make a week break after each month of use broth.

Hops Infusion of hop cones is able to trigger breast growth because it contained phytoestrogens.To prepare the tincture should pour a tablespoon of cones cup boiling water and insist night in a thermos.On the morning of the infusion filter.Intoxicating liquor is used three times a day for 1/3 cup.Drink should be six months, making the week break after 21 days of use tincture.


breast augmentation perfectly contribute cabbage juice and use it in large quantities.This method is designed for girls in puberty, at this time the cabbage can stimulate breast growth.


Breast augmentation with hemlock - a proven technique popular, becausethis recipe is still used in the old days: the stem and root of hemlock pour vodka 1: 2.We give the brew for two weeks.Filter and grease tincture chest except for the nipple.Do not use this tool more than three months.

plants containing phytoestrogens

To prepare the powder will need 5 of any plant listed below.

seeds: fennel, flax (. Contraindicated in hepatitis and cholecystitis do not recommend long-term use.), Hops cones (contraindicated reception in high doses).

Root: angelica.

Herbs: sea kale, dill, oregano, Dioscorea Caucasian, fenugreek.

Colors: Sage.

powder should take at least three months, 2 times a day on a teaspoon for half an hour before meals.First read the detailed contraindications to the use of certain herbs.

cuff sparkling

For tea from the cuff should be 1 des.l.grass with flowers pour 300 ml of boiling water.After all boil, cool and filter.The broth you want to divide into two parts.A decoction is drunk in two for half an hour before meals.The course lasts for at least three months after receiving infusions of each month to do a week's break.Such a method is able to enlarge breasts.


Enlarged breasts can be and with the help of the use of certain herbs or tea.The most popular herbs for cooking magic tea are wormwood, linden and nettle.Tea should be drunk alternately.The course lasts for at least three months at weekly intervals after the reception of each month of tea.Herbs brewed by adding a teaspoon of herbs in a cup of boiling water.Then, the tea should be boiled in a water bath for 20 minutes.After boiling the tea leaves should be 40 minutes to infuse.Strained broth is used three times a day in portions of 1/3 cup.Each herb has its contraindications.