Robot vacuum cleaner : which one is better ?

Robot vacuum cleaner : which one is better ?

Selection of any device should be placed on an analysis of its technical characteristics, functional capabilities.Let's talk more about the robot vacuum cleaner.

What is the robot vacuum cleaner?

robot cleaner is a fairly compact device in the form of a washer which, independently moving around the room, apartment, removes dust.

Which vacuum cleaner robot is better?The palm is given, of course, more expensive models, and intellectual.They are able to competently build a motion path by intelligent laser sensor.Auxiliary brush remove dirt from even the most inaccessible corners.Moreover, such robot can recognize steps and bypass side easily and effectively overcome thresholds.

Most of the robotic vacuum cleaner models presented in the market, focused exclusively on dry cleaning.In the vacuum cleaner, which is a function of wet cleaning floors, not all thought out.In particular, you will likely have every few tens of square meters to change the water in the tank, which will agree, quite uncomfortable.

So thinking about what the robot cleaner is better to buy, it makes sense to consider the option of a classical machine for cleaning dust - flooring you already own will wash by hand.

What to look for when buying?

deciding which to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, consider the following characteristics:

  • Availability charging unit, which will use the machine on their own at the right time for it.
  • area that the vacuum cleaner will remove the charges.It can range from 40-50 to 100 or more squares.
  • soft touch function.It would be useful if the room on the floor are fragile figurines, vases and other decorative items.Soft-touch will allow the robot to slow down a little in front of such obstacles, and therefore, the thing definitely will not be damaged.
  • volume waste bin.For apartments of 50 square meters.m. The appropriate choice will robot vacuum cleaner with a dust collector is not less than 0.3 liters.For apartments up to 80 square meters.m. - at least 0.5 liters.A large area requires the machine to the tank at least 1 liter.Also, more than impressive amount of debris container require the owners of pets, because animals will leave a lot of wool.
  • noise level.Do not take the model, which exceeded the threshold of 60-65 dB.
  • power.It can be equal for example, 30 watts, and 45-60 watts.More powerful models are more noisiness.
  • Components and options.In the more expensive robots are remote controls, Scheduler, you can program the machine for cleaning schedule, ultraviolet light for disinfection of surfaces, auxiliary brush (eg cleaning wool), and so on.

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