How to draw a kiss ?

How to draw a kiss ?

drawing a variety of paintings, particularly interesting to recreate certain actions of people, including the joint.So beautiful and very unusual in the picture will look a kiss between two people.Especially because knowing how to draw step by step a kiss, it will not be difficult.But this picture will occupy a special place in your collection.

Draw Kiss

  • First of all, you should draw two adjoining circle that must be aligned.It should be noted that the circles are the parts of the workpiece to the upper head of the kissing couple.Now we have to draw the bottom of the first and second goals.For that, the GTR "forehead" of the future entity, it is necessary to round down the chin and cheekbone outline.The same should be done with the second person.
  • Then, closer to the outer side of the circle, it is necessary to outline the neck.Her distant line should be longer than the front, because it is located under the chin and practically not visible, due to the fact that the head is tilted kissing man.
  • is followed to hold a curved line to refer to the eye.Also note that the left figure of a person must be raised up, while at the right - tilted down and forward.A line should be left face to bend upwards, and the right - down.It is not difficult to understand, knowing how to draw anime kiss, because in this case it is a more acute.
  • On receiving distance should draw one eye, because the second is not needed, because the person seen in profile.You can then add the eyelashes and eyebrows.Furthermore, it should make the eyes closed, so no need to draw pupils.
  • Please note that, as the head tilted in different directions, then the nose will be seen only in the right figure, so you should draw its contours, slightly overlapping the left and head to finish silhouettes ears.
  • Thereafter, outlining the main elements of people, you can draw the shoulders and arms that hug the figure opposite.Elbow, shoulder and wrist should be represented in the form of small circles that need to connect the curved lines.Next, you need to be to draw the hand with fingers, which should embrace the head opposite to her partner.The last step is to draw hair detailing facial features and clothing to portray.Then you can delete all auxiliary lines.

Figure ready.Now that you know how to draw a kiss, and you can impress your friends by your artistic talent.

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