How to enlarge breasts ?

Chest is one of the main attributes of female beauty.But not all girls are lucky with the size and shape of their bust.In this article we will talk about the ways through which you can enlarge your breasts.

Traditional methods

If you want to enlarge breasts without surgery, and totally free, then use the popular folk remedies.


The mallow contains natural hormone phytosterol.Thanks phytosterols, hollyhock has the ability to affect the growth of the breasts.Take 3 tablespoons of dried mallow roots and pour 3 cups of water.Then roots boil for 15 minutes.The resulting broth is necessary to drain.Take 1.3 cups of half an hour before meals 3 times a day.From this broth to do compresses on his chest.

Oregano Oregano contains a huge amount of phytoestrogens, so that contributes to breast increase.In addition, oregano is called the female plants, becauseit can regulate the menstrual cycle.Infusion of oregano is very easy to cook.We must pour 2 tablespoons of oregano 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse for 20 minutes.Drink twice a day in the form of half a glass of warm for 15 minutes before a meal.

Linden Linden flowers contain phytoestrogens.A handful of linden flowers in the brew kettle and take 2-3 times a day.Besides the fact that this tea has a pleasant aroma, it is very useful.


Enlarged breasts in a natural way, you can use a special diet.From the foods we eat, it depends on the general condition of our organism.Unbalanced diet and harmful products can be a great obstacle to the growth of the breast.

products that increase breast size

have on the growth of the breasts can be a positive influence lentils, kidney beans, soybeans, peas and whole grains.

Walnuts, filled with liquid honey - is a great way to influence the growth of the breasts.Nuts in honey infused a week, and then used three pieces a day.

intensity breast growth depends on the amount of protein and fiber.The higher protein and fiber products, the better!Do not forget that in order to achieve a good result, you should not abuse the greasy and spicy food.

Products that contain vitamins A, E and C (spinach, carrot, citrus, apricot) useful effect on the mammary gland.

Breast enlargement pills

Hormonal supplements

Recently, such supplements are bought from pharmacy shelves with incredible speed.Such additives based on hops and yeast.But this fact does not make them safe.After extensive use of additives, you can disturb the problem of excess weight and a failure of the endocrine system of the body.In addition, it is an unsafe method which is very expensive, it gives only temporary results.


Such preparations are made on the basis of herbs that promote breast enlargement.But before you use hormonal preparations, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Proper underwear

Corrective underwear (bra, corset) can quickly increase your breast size 1 or 2.Such sheets, due to the absence of additional ribbons and frills, completely invisible, even under the most delicate dress.But make sure that the laundry was not too strong slimming effect, this could have an undesirable pressure on the breasts.To this end, the choice of clothes should be taken very carefully, because any discomfort can lead to breast disease.


Exercising is one of the most effective methods by which one can achieve the result after a month.There are many sets of exercises, designed to increase the breast.Consider a couple of exercises:

  • stand upright.Feet shoulder width apart.Fold the palms in front of a thumbs up, elbows should be at chest level.Initially strongly squeeze the palm, then rotate your fingers to yourself, straighten palms, omit the hands down and in the end we put the palms in front of him.This exercise is repeated 8 times.
  • Stand up straight, legs spread shoulder-width apart.Feet should be parallel.Left hand put on hip, right in circles (muscles should relax completely).Exercise is carried out at a rapid pace.Having described the six laps, put your right hand on the thigh and start to work the left.The exercise is performed 5 times on each hand.

If you want to know about exercises for breast growth is greater, refer to the video tutorials that can be found online at popular video sites.

Quitting smoking

proved that heavy metals contained in tobacco, have a negative impact on the growth of breast fiber and clog the blood vessels that carry blood to the body delivers nutrients.Quit smoking, a woman has a chance to increase breast size and increase its elasticity even in a week.