Modern German vacuums assistance in selecting a suitable model

Modern German vacuums assistance in selecting a suitable model

Cleaning housing requires the hostess time and effort.Pets, open windows in summer - all this leads to a rapid formation of clouds of dust on the floor and the furniture.Especially this situation is problematic for allergy sufferers, people with respiratory illnesses and families with small children.Housewives often have to cope with all sorts of rubbish in accommodation ranging from the banal ending dust and sand, the spilled product.

Common broom is not always able to cope with the problem of quality.Therefore, a reasonable solution would be to purchase a modern, high-performance German vacuum cleaner, which is able to cope with any litter in minutes.

German vacuum cleaners - a reliable assistant in cleaning

German manufacturers offer a cleaning technique in the range, among which you can find classic models with a standard set of features and cutting-edge, with advanced option.Customers who choose to buy a vacuum cleaner, faced with a variety of offers technical devices.To choose a suitable model optimally help expert advice, which tell about the features of the goods, their opportunities.

Determine the type of technology

All existing vacuum cleaners are divided into two main types:

  1. household;
  2. professional.

Before buy German vacuum cleaner , it is worth considering all the operational characteristics of the goods.

Professional Appliances

These products are designed for cleaning large areas.They have a high rate of capacity, large size.The average thickness of the goods - 1050 W, dimensions - 552 x 398 x 685 mm.These options allow you to use their products only in large enough areas (manufacturing, retail space, office buildings).The amount of power consumed by them is not economically viable for the harvesting of housing.In addition, the standard wiring in the 220 is not able to withstand them.

for professional cleaning cleaners cleaning companies leave

Professional cleaners are able to carefully collect flocks and litter, but qualitatively cope with this task only the smokers right architecture.required to use the equipment to the room was as small as possible furniture and other interior items.Some models are capable of performing simultaneously with dust collection and wet cleaning.Experts do not recommend choosing such products for home, rooms which have an area of ​​less than 100 square meters.

Household vacuum cleaners - a great alternative to professional equipment

for housing Technique

Simple, reliable and user-friendly vacuum cleaner Karcher for

home Among the manufacturers of proposals can be found household cleaners, in terms of quality that rivals professional.Most models have a few tips for cleaning dust from items of upholstered furniture.These products are different maneuverability, their capacity is optimal, they are economical in terms of energy consumption.

In turn, household cleaners divided into types depending on the characteristics, capabilities, and features.

kinds of household vacuum cleaners Consumers

available for these types of cleaning techniques:

  1. with a bag;
  2. no bag;
  3. with water filter;
  4. wireless;
  5. hand;
  6. increased compactness;
  7. universal;
  8. cleaners-robots.

Each option has its own characteristics of products and offers the user additional features.

Variety of models of equipment - the best option to select

bag vacuum cleaners

This kind of goods involves the use of dust bag.Some models are equipped with special filters, which do not expose the smallest dust particles back into the room, so the bag can not be cleaned after each cleaning, and from time to time.Buyer, making choice of technique, you should pay attention to this point, since not all the models offered for sale have a filter.

Council experts

German experts recommend a vacuum cleaner with a bag Philips brand.Modern models from this manufacturer with high productivity, efficiency.In the set there are several tips that enable high quality, dust the corners, soft furnishings.For example, Philips FC 9170 - a great product for housewives who want to effortlessly cope with debris.

Vacuum Cleaner Philips FC 9170 - the perfect solution for every home

This model has a feature - the suction power is not reduced, as filling the dust bag.The vacuum cleaner is able to operate continuously for several hours, without perenagrevaetsya.Very agile, it has an ergonomic telescopic handle, several suction mode (regulated by a special button).

choosing equipment, pay attention to the amount of the dust bag.The best indicator - 4 liters.This amount would be enough to carry out the cleaning of several buildings many times without having to clean the dust bag.

important factor for the consumer is that the vacuum cleaner bag with Philips have included several different kinds of baits that can carefully collect dust and lint from the carpet.The suction power of 425 watts ensures that all rubbish will be collected from the first time, and the user does not have to re-take the place already processed.

Bezmeshkovye vacuums

This kind of technology is ideal for people who are allergic to dust.Special container carefully keeps all got dirty, without the risk of dust back into the air ingress.After use the container is cleaned, washed out.Model FC9713 / 01 from Philips is designed using innovative dust absorption technology that ensures high performance and cost-effectiveness of using technology.

Philips PowerPro Expert Animal + FC9713 / 01 with the function PowerCyclone 6

Includes 4 tips suggested for solving various problems.Standard brush for cleaning the carpet, not only, but also other types of coatings.There are tips for collecting animal hair, parquet cleaning, access to the slot.FC9713 / 01 model is characterized by high power, excellent design.Feature articles - cyclone.To study in detail the characteristics of the product and ensure that they are unique on the web site http: // / pilesos /.All goods corresponds to the German quality standards.

Vacuum cleaners with water filters

Another equipment option for cleaning are vacuum cleaners with water filter.This is a technique that keeps the trapped dust and debris in a special container filled with water.These products have similar characteristics to the above models, but differ in that the contaminated water must be changed after each cleaning.

vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter for protection against dust

Expert opinion

Experts believe that the water filter equipment has special advantages over other types of vacuum cleaners.To acquire such goods is only advisable if you want to clean the room only dust.With larger litter vacuums are difficult to cope with, hit a large garbage can lead to clogging of filters.

popular model Zelmer ZVC752ST has a weak suction force garbage.This vacuum cleaner is quite heavy.Weight in 8, 5 kg does not allow the technique to be agile.It is noted that the high level of noise products.Inconvenient handle causes that the hand gets tired quickly.The vacuum cleaner is able to qualitatively carry out cleaning, but this process takes a long time.The container must be cleaned after each room.In some cases, you may need to wash up to 3 times on the premises.

After washing, the containers must be thoroughly dry, otherwise mold can begin education that will lead to trouble.The spores of the fungus can get into the indoor air and harm the health of residents.Especially dangerous is if the house has small children.Mold is extremely difficult to bring, so you should consider this factor before you choose a vacuum cleaner with water filter.

Wireless Equipment

Cordless vacuum cleaners will be a wonderful asset to the housewives who have to clean several times a day in the apartment.For example, if the child spilled food in the kitchen, the household sand applied or need to quickly remove pet hair.Vacuum cleaners of this type of compact, lightweight, have high power and low noise level.

Mod Tefal TY8758 for high-quality and easy cleaning

Wireless vacuum cleaner does not need to be connected to a power outlet, so it can be used even when there is no light.Due to its small size and low weight, the technique can take with you to the cottage.The vacuum cleaner will cope with both the small and the large debris on any surface.

Council experts

recommended to pay attention to the products under the brand Tefal.An excellent acquisition will model TY8758.A cyclone filter is securely collects and holds dust, completely eliminating air masses from its particles.After using this cleaner indoor air becomes clean.The product can operate in standalone mode for at least 20 minutes.

Tefal TY8758 is very maneuverable and easy.Weighs only 4 kg allows use it to clean up even the child.Handle the product has buttons for power control, and other products options.The perfect solution if you need to quickly remove the resulting waste in any property room.

Hand Vacs

Handheld vacuum cleaner - the perfect solution for small apartments.Despite its "modest" size, this technique is capable of qualitatively to clean any surface dust.The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, making it easy to carry in hand.With this type of technology is possible without difficulty to clean furniture and home furnishings (figurines, chandeliers, paintings).Goods are essential if there is tension in the housing or suspended ceilings.Very comfortable with a manual vacuum cleaner to cope with the dust on the texture and layered curtains, blinds.You can also buy equipment for cleaning of non-residential premises and inside the vehicle.

Handheld vacuum cleaner Philips FC 6149

Noteworthy Philips FC 6149. It is very economical, as the power consumption only 120 watts.It works both offline and off.Without a network connection is not working for more than 15 minutes, however, due to the high degree of suction (22 watts), this time is enough to remove any dust from interior.

vacuums Ultra-

compact vacuums differing maximum ease - a great alternative to the standard technique.They are easy to transport, can be stored anywhere in the house.Due to its small size, the increased compactness of vacuum cleaners do not take up much space, so they are ideal for apartments small area or bedroom.

buyer on

note Consumers can purchase a compact vacuum cleaner option disinfect indoor air.Special UV filter thoroughly eliminate bacteria and disease-causing microbes in the air.It is recommended to buy such products for cleaning children's rooms, rooms beauty salons, clinics.

Vacuum cleaners for all types of debris

Universal model designed for cleaning dry and wet litter.Household vacuum cleaners Karcher brand excellent job with cleaning carpets with natural or high pile.Power products provide a thorough gathering of the smallest particles of dust, animal hair.Special rubber nozzle, reaching complete, enable high quality and with no effort to collect wet garbage.

goods under the mark Karcher able to collect such complex types of waste as sawdust, shavings and other.In this litter does not scatter on the floor, and thoroughly absorbed into the dust collector.Successful model is the MV 4. There are a place to store attachments.The product has a weight of 7 kg, but this does not prevent him to be extremely manoeuvrable.The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a bag of 20 liters, which allows you to clean the dust very often.The hostess does not risk contact with the dust and dirt while shaking out the dust bag.Cassette option located outside, providing fast and easy access to the dust collector.Karcher MV 4 will be a useful asset for those who wish not to leave the smallest particles of dust and debris have the slightest chance.

Vacuum cleaners-robots

Products in this category quickly gained popularity among consumers as to make cleaning work they can be used without any user intervention.Technology alone is capable of collecting garbage.There are models with start-up timer.The robot vacuum cleaner can start cleaning up at a specified time, when the apartment is not tenants.

Expert Council

Experts advise to pay attention to such a model of the robot cleaner as Breeze 10 from the German manufacturer.This product is capable of self-purify any types of flooring.The robot vacuum cleaner does not interfere with furniture and home furnishings, efficiently collects dust in the corners of the room, around the legs of furniture, works silently.Nine-hour charge is enough to cope with the technique tasks without having to connect to the mains.The model is compact and manoeuvrable.

can find products with additional options.Some models are "able" to recover on their own to recharge it at a low level.Wheel noteworthy products - it is desirable that they are medium or large in size, then the robot cleaner will be successfully overcome obstacles in the form of wires.

Video review: how to choose a vacuum cleaner from the experts telecast "live healthy»

Conclusion: a vacuum cleaner to choose

variety of models, design and product characteristics will allow each customer to find products that fully meet their requirements and are able to meet all the needs.A reasonable solution would be to give preference to the technique of the German producers, since their products are reliable, high performance, functionality and modern design.

Branded German multipurpose vacuum cleaners can be found in online stores which offer to sell only original products of proven German manufacturers.Goods must be certified and they must be sure to provide long-term guarantee for life.