What do you mean 1488 ?

What do you mean 1488 ?

Today we will focus on the political power, but rather on the views of a device and a way of life in terms of nationalist movements.We also learned about what it means to 1488. So:

14/88 What is this mysterious figure?

According to the materials studied by the author of this article, we concluded that 1488 - a code white nationalists.Code slogan often used as a signature or a greeting.There are different interpretations of symbols.For example, the number 14 can mean that people close to the white nationalist movement required to protect the existence of its people and the future of their children.According to other sources 14 encodes the slogan that the beauty of the Aryan woman must never be erased from the face of the Earth.

exact wording of these slogans have been put forward by David Lane, who was a member of the separatist organization "The Order".

Well number 88 is the greeting "Heil Hitler", which is used by all nationalists.That's what it means to 1488.

little talk about the creator of slogans David Lane.This man is a native of America.He was a supporter of the ideas of white nationalism.Lane died in the Indiana State Prison in 2007.His fame he gained through the creation of a code 14/88 as well as through the creation of 88 precepts white nationalist.In this work, he tells about the basic methods and principles of protection, development and establishment of the rule of white society.

Our society gives rise to a variety of individuals who hold those or other views.To date, in the world there are so many schools of thought on how society should be.Some of these areas tend to show others what a good life is only worth some individual peoples and nations.Such an approach can not be considered the only true, as during today's turmoil, but unite people with each other will allow the survival of humanity.Nationalist ideas are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century.It can not but worry and do not bother the governments of all countries.That is why they are such a struggle including with those who know what it means to 1488.