How to determine the size of the bust ?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a delicate situation.By "we" refers to men who want to buy for their women undergarment called a bra.In order not to miscalculate the purchase, you must know exactly the size of the breast of your companion.Today we'll talk about this dear reader.How to determine the size of the bust?

Determine bust size

To take full possession of information about their breasts are encouraged to use centimeter.The first action that will bring the girl to realize the exact size of their breasts - a measurement of the chest under the breast.Basic data on this indicator are:

  • from 98 cm to 102 cm size corresponds to 100;
  • 93-97 cm - 95;
  • 88-92 cm - 90;
  • 83-87 cm - 85;
  • 78-82 cm - 80;
  • 73-77 cm - 75;
  • 67-72 cm - 70.

next measurement step - is measured by chest circumference protruding points.After obtaining the desired variable is necessary to find the difference between the first and second volume.To do this, we subtract the second number first.The resulting value, in fact, is the desired size, which is the characteristics of the volume of the cup.Pay attention to the following list, which specifies the basic dimensions depending on the received centimeters.Here's how to determine the size of the bust:

  • from 26 cm to 28 cm corresponds to the size F (6+);
  • 23-25 ​​cm - E (6);
  • 20-22 cm - DD (5);
  • 18-20 cm - D (4);
  • 15-17 cm - C (3);
  • 13-15 cm - B (2);
  • 12-13 cm - A (1);
  • 10-12 cm - AA (0).

present methods and some simple calculations can help you determine the exact size of the breast.When buying a bra should be borne in mind that some manufacturers of laundry, such as Italy and France, uses a slightly different system of calculation.To determine the size of the breasts in Italian, measure chest for nipples.Of this amount, you subtract the amount of under-feeding and the resulting value is divided by 6.

How to determine the correct size of the bust?When calculating the amount of the characteristics of your breasts should be aware of the rules that will bring real results to the maximum.If you measure the breast in a bra, then he must sit very close to you.Any deviation may give incorrect figures, and the entire process of calculating the volume of the breast will be jeopardized.Measuring the girth of the chest (under the breast) should be carried out with full exhalation.Also do not forget that a centimeter should be as parallel to the floor.When measuring points on the speaker volume is necessary to stand up straight and tight.Do not strain your body, try to keep centimeter horizontally relative to the floor.

Many men are often tormented by the question of how to determine the size of the bust of his girlfriend.Nothing special in this case.The best way to measure the volume of the breast and resolve bra selection problem as an intimate gift has been presented above.As they say, mathematics - is the mother of science, including the science and determine the amount of a woman's breasts.

How to measure breast girl so that she did not notice, and to intimate gift was a real surprise for her?This question is more than justified, and is much more controversial.Indeed, accurate measurements require the attention of the most girls, especially.Unfortunately, dear man, you have to sacrifice for the sake of surprise in order to purchase a set of underwear, a bra which would perfectly fit your lady.By purchasing an uncomfortable bra, you just spend money for nothing.So do not be shy, you just need to measure your girl at any appropriate time.

So, dear reader, the correct calculation of the breast volume depends primarily on your exact follow instructions.Remember that the wrong bra, though given, will not bring women should comfort and joy.