How to get rid of Suction ?

How to get rid of Suction ?

Many people know how to look like a red-brown marks on the chest or neck, left after a stormy night, or a prolonged kiss.Someone proud zososom showing secretly friends and girlfriends, someone specially its leaves, and someone in horror grabs his head: what to do when it came.So, this article is for those whose plans did not include demonstration of the following data, for those who want to get rid of Suction quickly.

To begin to understand what is aspirated from the point of view of medicine.Suck - it's the same bruising, scientifically, hematoma, damage to the capillaries of the skin due to exposure to a vacuum, in this case a kiss.Such bruising may remain on any part of your body, but, of course, the greatest discomfort they cause in prominent places, such as on the neck.

Suction To get rid of, you can go two ways: to disguise or cure.

Masking Suction on the neck

Masking, of course, does not solve the problem of how to get rid of Suction on the neck as a whole, but it is quick and helps you to hide from prying eyes traces of passionate love.The same can camouflage the bruise on your neck:

  1. Wear a turtleneck with a high neck, if the street cold season.Here we must be very careful to not accidentally bruise emerged from - under clothing.
  2. wound on his neck handkerchief or scarf.Fortunately, today there is a huge number of them in different sizes and volumes for both women and men.It is necessary to choose the appropriate style of clothing - and it's done.
  3. Stick patch.With the patch, you can go a few days, referring to a wound or scratch left over from the clutches of the evil cats or burn from curling (suitable for girls with long hair).
  4. smeary creams.Suitable more for the beautiful half of humanity, having in the arsenal of such cosmetics.Tonalnika lighter shade can conceal a small hickey.It is also possible to dissolve the hair to black in the place is not so conspicuous.
  5. translation tattoo.This means, most likely, will suit young ladies or are on holiday by the sea.Temporary tattoo close track from Suction and at the same time draw attention to your persona.

All of these tools can be used while you are driving the main treatment of this extremely delicate problem in the neck.

Treatment on Suction neck

  1. cold.To quickly get rid of Suction immediately after you notice that the neck or in any other place will be a red spot, you need to make him cold.Take something out of the freezer and apply for 10-15 minutes to the neck.But do not overdo it, your job is to stop the damage to the capillaries and remove the swelling, not frostbite.
  2. Gentle massage.It will help sucked blood clots.
  3. Ointments and creams.After applying cold and massage need to apply any ointment from bruises, bought at the pharmacy, "rescuer", "fresh-water sponge", "bruise - off", "Troxevasin" and others.
  4. Folk remedies.The potato belongs to them.It must be cut into slices or grate, and applying to the sore spot.The sooner you begin to carry out this procedure, the faster hematoma pass.You can primotat compress of grated potatoes to the neck and go with it, changing every half hour to fresh.
  5. Heat.On the second and the following days, if aspirated still holds, you need to make a heated towel to improve circulation and bruise quickly absorbable.

Using all the above methods of struggle, it is possible to quickly deal with the problem of how to get rid of Suction.But better, of course, not to go to his appearance, having agreed beforehand with your partner and making it clear that you, of course, it is nice to know that you are calling him such a strong passion, but you do not want to be parents, friends or employeesWe were aware of how you spent this night.And besides, treatment Suction troublesome and not so fast.