How to tighten the chest ?

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How to tighten the chest?

Every woman wants her breasts looked perfect until a ripe old age, but it is a series of science fiction, but the beauty of the breast can be prolonged for a long time.Chest, is the pride of every woman, and admired men can lose elasticity and form.How do chest tightened?

Chest may lose elasticity for many reasons.Here are the main ones:

  • Drastic weight change (in either direction).
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • various diseases.
  • old age.

methods: how to tighten the chest

  • Massage, or rather self-massage.Be careful, gentle movements massage the breasts.
  • Douches is a great way to pull the breast but the effect of the massage helps the effects of different temperatures, which improves blood flow to the chest muscles, and according to their proper nutrition.
  • Gymnastics helps to strengthen the chest muscles that pulled up your chest and return to her beautiful form.A number of exercises you will find later in this article.
  • Cosmetic products, with which you will be able to tighten the breast skin.To achieve the desired effect should be used regularly cosmetics (depending on the means of daily or several times a week).Cosmetics for the care of the breast can be purchased at the store or made at home.Here are some recipes:
    • Cucumber Lotion: 1 grated cucumber, a 10 spoons of alcohol, and 0.5 liters of water, mix and insist week in a dark and cool place.Wipe the skin lotion every day, skipping the surface of the nipple, and then take a cool shower.
    • Mask of cabbage: 1 part slurry of cabbage leaves, mixed with 1 part butter.Make a mask 2 times a week, putting on the chest for 15 minutes, after removing the mask to take a shower.
  • Surgery - an extreme measure.You can always consult a surgeon if they themselves can not pull up the chest.

Often women ask the question: how to pull the breast after giving birth?The answer is simple, the complex use of the above methods, and your chest, with your persistence will get a beautiful shape.In addition, during pregnancy, use special creams to prevent stretch marks on his chest.

How to tighten chest exercises

When you start to do gymnastics, remember that you should not do the exercises once a lot of time, gradually increase the load.When ready for normal loads, follow all exercise 15-20 times.

  • Push-ups from the floor or from the wall.This type of exercise is known to all since high school, do not dwell on it.
  • helpless gesture performed lying on your back.Hands with elbows bent and connected so that the faces are fist level.Exercise is a dilution of the hands on the inhale and return to starting position as you exhale.To enhance the effect, you can pick up a dumbbell.
  • following exercise is different from the second, so that your hands are straight.Make 15-20 times.Then carry fists into position over the hips and do the exercise in this position.Another variant of this exercise is the movement of the hands raised to the position of the head, and back to a position above the hips.
  • Exercise with a chair.We sit on the edge of a chair, with his hands up against the sidushku, then displace the body with sidushki, and most go down to the floor, leaning on hands, legs bent at the knees, linger in the extreme position for a few seconds, lift the body and once again sit in its original position.
  • Compression.Exercise is performed standing up, join the palms in front of chest (as if in prayer), dilute elbows, and with a force push her hands on top of each other, then relax.

Tips for Breast Care

  • Watch your weight, try to avoid its sharp change.
  • Control posture.
  • Use ways to tighten the chest, in the complex.
  • Do not wait for the deterioration of the chest, take care of her constantly.
  • Eat right, and most importantly, consume plenty of fluids.

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Now you know how to tighten sagging breasts and breasts that require special care.Watch out for each other and will be fine!