How to smoke hookah ?

How to smoke hookah ?

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How to smoke hookah?

Hookah widespread not long ago in Russia.We can not say that hookah smoking in Russia since ancient times.However, as you know, our country has more than one period and not one nation, so somewhere in hookah smoking in the blood.Let's talk about how to smoke a hookah.So:

How to smoke hookah?

note that smoking a hookah does not imply any strict rules and settings.Hookah designed to give peace of mind and relaxation.That is the basic principle of hookah smoking:

  • Make a strong breath and pull the smoke from the hookah.
  • not swallow and do not draw the smoke immediately.Hold it a little in my mouth.If you score a lot of smoke, you can release it through the nose, but if small, then breathe a little.
  • After that miss a hookah in your lungs and exhale slowly.

Here, perhaps, and all the rules that must remember the person conducting leisure for smoking hookah.

particular interest are the ethical principles of smoking, as they have their origin in the old traditions of the countries where hookah smoking and its production - a national pride.

Here's how to smoke a hookah:

  • Never lights a cigarette from in the hookah coal.
  • not place hookah above the level at which you are sitting or lying down.
  • Do not pass the hookah mouthpiece of the hands.It must be put on the floor.
  • not smoke any tobacco other than the one that is designed for a hookah.
  • Do not drink alcohol while smoking a hookah.It is best suited as a beverage tea Hibiscus.
  • Never pour the alcohol into the bowl of a hookah.Occasionally uses wine only to not flavored flavored kinds of tobacco.You can not drink this wine after adding it to the water pipe, as it settles the elements that can bring harm to your body.

That's what you need to remember if you want to smoke a hookah properly.Respect for and knowledge of traditions only color you.Remember these rules and you will feel not only the taste of the smoke in the mouth, but also may be able to capture the beauty of leisure activities for the hookah.Our life is not worth it to spend it on the mindless fun that do not bring the desired effect.By observing the ethical rules of smoking, you render the respect of the people for whom smoking hookah - is a national pastime.Do not exert yourself as ignorant and incurious man.

Compliance with these rules necessarily in those countries and institutions that attribute themselves to the peoples, a hookah smoking for several tens of centuries.Try to get the pleasure of smoking.Remember that hookah smoking - is to get peace and tranquility and not to increased activity of the party further.