How to install Windows 7 ?

How to install Windows 7 ?

will understand how to deliver a brand new operating system from Microsoft.Install Windows 7 on a computer!So:

How to install Windows 7?

We will talk about how to install on your computer operating system Windows 7. We assume that you already have the original operating system disk or find a pirated version.Better, of course, set the original, because it will run like clockwork, well copied version may hang and require frequent re-installation.

important detail.All the necessary documents, which are in the disk partition where you want to install a new operating system to be copied or moved to a safe place.The fact that the system installer deletes all the old files and replace them with new ones.

first step that we need to do - is to designate as the boot device is our drive.Put the disk with Windows 7 in the drive and restart the computer.At the time of reboot, we need to get into the BIOS of the computer.We need to determine the order of boot devices.To enter the BIOS you have to press is specially designed for this button.Information about the specific button appears when the computer is restarted.This is usually the Del key, F2 or press ESC.We were in the BIOS and can now install Windows 7. Go to Boot tab, where you can adjust the boot device order.You will be able to deal with the definition of the boot order, if you follow the instructions in the BIOS.It is necessary to put in as the first boot device your drive.Then you need to exit the BIOS and save the changes.The computer restarts again take, since it is necessary to apply the changes you have made.

now begin the Windows 7 operating system to boot from the disc.In the first dialog box, you must select the installation language.Better, of course, select the Russian language of the system and click "Next."To install Windows 7, you need to click on the "Install" button.Next you need to choose the version of the installed operating system.Choose the one to which you have a license key.The serial number of the operating system need to enter at the end of the installation.Read the license agreement and press "Next".Do not forget to accept the license agreement.Select the following menu item "Full installation".Now you need to select the partition where the operating system is installed.Often, it happens that the Windows 7 refuses to be installed in the selected partition.Here's what you need to do to overcome this barrier and install Windows 7:

  • Start a command prompt directly during installation.To do this, simultaneously press Shift + F10 keys.In the window that appears, enter bootrec / fixmbr command.This command will restore the bootloader.
  • Another way.We need to get into the BIOS and change the SATA AHCI to control with the IDE.

This should help when the problem occurred cancel the installation at any section.On this page you will be able to find ways to overcome the crisis, if the above does not help: the problems with the installation of Windows 7.

us return to our sheep.Click on the "Disc Setup" and select "Format".After formatting you must click on the "Next" button.Now we expect the installation.After installing it you need to enter the user name and the computer.If you need data protection, you can enter a password and hint.Enter the serial number of the operating system in the next window, to install Windows 7 on the computer.Next, specify the security settings.Specify the time zone in which you are.After this installation is complete.

We strongly recommend that you buy the original license disk Windows 7. This product is to be paid, because the development team has done a titanic work to create a software environment Windows 7.