How to smoke cigars ?

How to smoke cigars ?

Many people see cigar smoking as a ritual.She did not smoke at half-time to get a new dose of nicotine.Cigar enjoy, quietly sitting in a comfortable chair, and perhaps sipping whiskey.How to smoke a cigar - you learn from this article.

cigar smoking rules

  1. first step is to cut the sealed end of the cigar.The most common way - with the help of a guillotine (a special device consisting of one or two blades).It is necessary to step back from the end of the cigar 3 mm and cut the cap.We must do this so that the cap is left on a thin ring that will remain in the wrapped cigar form.In addition, you can use the guillotine cigar scissors.Which instrument would you choose, the main condition - a sharp blade that does not disrupt the structure of the leaf tobacco as opposed to blunt.
  2. Now it was the turn to light a cigar.This will help you gas lighter or wooden matches.Due to the fact that tobacco cigar is very sensitive and has the ability to absorb other odors, light a cigar from petrol lighters are not recommended.Kindle cigar must be slowly and evenly: Hold a flame to the tip of the cigar, turning with a cigar in a circle to decay process went around the entire circumference.Then take a cigar in his mouth and keep the flame at a distance of 1 cm from the tip of the cigar.Continuing to rotate the cigar, start sipping it.
  3. proceed to the smoking process.An important difference between cigars from cigarettes - do not inhale cigar.Simply fill his mouth with smoke, inhale its aroma and enjoy.In this case, the main thing is not to hurry.Cigar smoke for fun, so starting to smoke, make sure that none of your business, and do not distract you left was enough time.
  4. Once you have smoked a cigar, fold the remains in the ashtray and let it go out on their own.

Cigar and alcohol

  • Smoking cigars can be combined with strong alcohol.Here, a matter of taste.The cigar goes well with drinks such as cognac, brandy, whiskey, rum.
  • to light cigars choose less alcoholic beverages, aged spirits come to fortified cigars.
  • Cigars are not bad combined with women's and drinks: champagne, wine, martini.
  • If you do not drink alcohol - brew yourself a cup of coffee.

To well-versed in a variety of cigars - often they need to smoke.Keep in mind that the thickness and color of the wrapper cigars have no relation to its fortress.The thickness of a cigar depends on the number of leaves, which affect only the rich taste.Thus, thick cigar can be light and vice versa.

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