Removing the love spell ?

Removing the love spell ?

Some people use unconventional means of psychological influence on other people.These and include all sorts of omens.The love spell is a negative energy that can affect not only behavior but also the mental state of a person.Privorozhennye people are trying to figure out how to get rid of or remove the love spell.

Getting rid of love spell

relieve itself or with another person spell in several ways:

  • church prayer;
  • using the magicians;
  • own.

Church prayer

Church Seen in this case is the best option, as the Holy Father can help you in choosing the prayers against the love spell (of which there are quite a few).If you do not want to seek the help of clergy, it should read the prayer "Our Father" and at the end asked to remove all privorotnye action.Read the prayer must be tripled.

Independent withdrawals

Independently spell can be removed with the help of available tools that you have at home:

  • pin.If you wear a pin on their clothes, no spell you are not afraid.By attaching a pin to clothes, it is necessary to read the prayer: "As from clothes pin is disengaged and the love of God's servant / slave of God (name) to the servant of God / God's servant (name) ever stops.Amen".
  • Photos and thread.If you need to remove the spell from the other person, you can use his photograph and threads, also need a candle.Light the candle and peered in for a minute on the fire, then take a photo and start winding the thread it so that his face was completely covered.At this time, it is necessary to read the prayer: "Web-based black, unhappy love enveloped you, (name of person), from the head to the feet.I protect you, I save your soul, and you will no longer be able to listen to the owner.White thread - reliable protection, giving freedom to the end of years. "At the end of the ceremony the thread must be broken or cut.


Also, do not forget about magicians who specialize in the removal of omens.In this case, you must be extremely careful in choosing a magician, because there are a lot of scams today, who take payment, but do not perform the work.

For more information on the rules of removal of various omens described in the article How to remove the spell.