How to smoke a pipe ?

How to smoke a pipe ?

Smoking pipes can now be seen not so often, and it is considered to be old-fashioned, but there are lots of reasons to go with a conventional cigarette tube.Firstly, if the features is how to smoke a pipe because of which the body receives less than thought, so from the pipe smoking is less damage to the body.Second tobacco consumption by smoking pipe is not very big and you can save significantly relative to the cost of cigarettes.Thirdly it is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, it looks spectacular and you can benefit from it a real pleasure.

How to smoke a pipe - the basic rules

How to smoke a pipe it is necessary to learn from the very beginning, maybe the first few times I will not particularly successful, but do not give up.So, we start with the fact that envelop with smoke pipe - that it last longer and gave a good flavor.As a result, obkurivaniya fired inner surface of the tube.How to do it: you have to repeat the procedure several times until the tube is not sufficiently burnt, fill it a quarter of tobacco, carefully tamped it, and smoked until the end.Make sure that the tube is not overheated, and after each obkurivaniya let it cool completely.

How to fill a pipe

How to smoke a pipe is correct: it must be correctly filled with tobacco.Tobacco should be moist, but in moderation.Too dry tobacco will quickly burn through, and the smoke from it will be bitter, too wet tobacco may not ignite.Fill the tube well mashed tobacco in small portions, each serving crush fingers to stuffing is not too loose and not too thick, it is better to do it in three approaches: first pour a small amount of tobacco and slightly primnogo, then add more and primnogo little harder and finally addand a third portion primnogo stronger.If you nabete too tight, you can not pull the smoke out of the tube, of course it looks like a light workout, but such efforts are useless, dangerous stuff handset too loosely in this case the tube may overheat and smoke would be too hot and you risk getting burned.Do not crowd into the tube more tobacco than you can smoke.The maximum amount of tobacco in the pipe - at 3-5 mm below the rim.

As lighting his pipe

preferred ignite tobacco pipe with matches, lighters it is also quite possible to do, but a bit more complicated.Ignite all necessary surface of tobacco, so spend a burning match on the entire surface slowly, you can optionally flatten the tobacco and ensure that it does not decay.If the handset goes out immediately puffed again.

you can be useful special "toptalka" it helps to align and ram tobacco or ash, and is particularly useful when the tube is still hot.If the tube is extinguished during puffing, and align the primnogo burned tobacco and light again.

How to smoke a pipe correctly

How to properly smoke a pipe - pipe smoke when smoking is not tightened as cigarette.Every breath is long, and can be further inhale air through the nose to get a better feel of tobacco flavor.Every puff takes about 3-5 seconds, do not rush, do not overheat the pipe.If the smoke gets too hot, put out the tube and allow it to cool.Having finished smoking necessarily clean up, do not leave it in ashes and tobacco, otherwise it will deteriorate.

How to smoke a pipe and videos can be found on sites like the youtube, most of them will be in English, so if you do not know the language, it is better to rely on the instructions above, but video tutorials can be clearer.

Now you know how to smoke a pipe and you can do it yourself without much difficulty since obkurivaniya and to conventional smoking and cleaning.