How to install Windows 8 ?

How to install Windows 8 ?

updates the Windows operating system has always warmly welcomed by users.However, some are still afraid to set yourself for a new version, go to the computer shop not always have the time.But to install Windows 8 on a computer that is not so difficult, important to follow the instructions below.

Install Windows 8

  • first step is to insert a disk with the distribution of Windows 8 and restart the computer.After that, a black screen, you will see the message «Press any key ..», which means that you need to press any button.Then, the Windows logo appears and the first installer window.At this stage, you need to choose which language input method and the time format.After choosing what you need, you need to click "Next".
  • After that, the installer will offer to restore the system or install Windows 8 on a computer.You must press the "Install" button, and in the new window enter a key to activate the operating system.This key can be found on the disc case or on a sticker on your computer.Typically, laptop stickers with the key located on the bottom of the "Next" button is entered after the key.Many users try to install Windows 8 from a USB drive, it is quite possible, if only you have the key, crack or the operating system.
  • then need to accept the license agreement to do this you need to put a tick in the box marked "I accept the license terms" and click "Next".In the following window, the installer will ask you how to install Windows 8?And offer 2 options: "Update" and "Custom Installation."If you choose the former, you upgrade a previous version of the operating system.However, this option in previous versions led to an unstable PC, so it is best to install the system "from scratch", and select "Custom installation".In this case, it should be borne in mind that the information contained on the PC will be deleted, which is why you need to take care of the preservation of important information on any convenient removable media.After that, the next master-installation screen will need to select the drive on which the operating system is installed.If a new computer, in which case you will be available only one item, namely, the "Unallocated space on the disk."
  • If you are not satisfied with this option, you should go to "Settings disk" and independently create 2 sections: the first - for the OS, and the second - for the data.Note that to install Windows 8 you need to allocate at least 25 GB, in addition to this we should not forget about a place for other programs.In order that in the future the problem of lack of disk space you have bypassed the party system partition is recommended to withdraw - 100 GB, and the remaining space can safely give to the second section.When low on disk space, then split it into several sections makes no sense.In this case it is better to allocate to a single partition all the free space.
  • If earlier on the PC operating system has been installed, if multiple drives will be offered in the window.But if you do not like this breakdown, you can repartition your hard drive for the necessary number of sections.And if you are satisfied, it should be left as they are and to select the partition in which the other system has been installed earlier.Typically, this drive is called "Local Disk C:».The installer partition letters are not displayed, but the necessary disk easily calculated from the specified dimensions.
  • Then press the button "Next", then the installer will start copying files to the disk Windows 8. The entire process can take up to 45 minutes, it all depends on the performance of your computer.Once copying is finished, the PC will automatically reboot.After that, you will see an inscription «Press any key ..» on a black screen.At this time, do not press anything you need, you should just wait for the computer to boot from your own hard drive.It is necessary to know that at the time of loading your computer screen may become completely black and flash, so this should not be afraid.You just need to wait until the inscription "Personalization."

you are configuring Windows 8

  • After this installation of Windows 8 will be practically completed.You will only need to perform initial setup, and you can get to work.So, on the first setup screen should be right to choose colors that will be used for the interface of Metro, then you need to specify the computer name and click "Next".In the new window you will be prompted to go to either use the standard settings.However, the parameters can be adjusted later, so you should immediately go to work by selecting the button "Use default settings".That's all to install Windows 8 system is completed.
  • If you want to configure now, you should click "Customize", choose the second, then you will see several screens with settings.It is worth noting that work quite easily with them, you just need to specify the necessary settings and press "Next".
  • On the last screen, you will be prompted Microsoft account, which is required to synchronize data and download a variety of applications from the internal store.You can log into the system and without an account, but to work with Windows 8 was full, you still have to enter it.After clicking the "Next" button to load the startup screen.That's all system installation is complete, you can start to work.

Now you know how to install Windows 8, and will do it on their own, without fear that something will come out of your control.