How to install Windows 98 ?

How to install Windows 98 ?

A variety of different operating systems that you can install on your computer allows you to not only enjoy all the modern achievements, but also to keep the old features.For example, sometimes an older version of Windows need to enjoy your favorite games that only run an old operating system version.Optimally, this will keep the OS version on the other drive of your computer, such as on drive D. How to install Windows 98 on your machine?

In general, the sequence of actions may be as follows:

  • to start, it is desirable to make sure that your system unit has at least two sections (for example, drive C: / and D: /)
  • specify, equipped with whether your C drive: / need, and whether it is equipped with imenno- FAT32 system since Windows 98 will not work with other file system
  • need further drive or floppy disk with the appropriate software (you can download it on the internet, or recorded on a floppy disk to another computerequipped with the operating system version)
  • turn on the computer to which planned to install the Windows 98 startup click on the Del key to enter in the BIOS, there is among the select the boot device, which should be considered the first diskette (floppy)
  • turn off your computerby saving the settings
  • insert the setup disk into the drive and start the computer to support a CD (start with CD-ROM support)
  • you to install the program if you want to format the required drive, and then proceed directly to the installation of the operating system (commanddir format and name of the corresponding drive C, D, etc.) To confirm the process will have to press Y (yes)
  • to start the installation, you have to dial a certain command of the operating system in such a vision specify the name of the disk \ WIN98 \ Setup.exe
  • then should start the installation
  • operating system process then follow all of the wizard (for this, of course, will have to carefully read all the information that appears on the screen)
  • in the process you will be offered to select the disk on which to install Windows98 (this is usually automatically the C drive, but you must choose your option)
  • also need to note the type of installation-as a rule, "normal", etc.
  • When the software installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer.How to run Windows 98?After restarting, the computer will automatically turn in the loaded operating system version and prompts you to accept the license agreement.and choose a name and password to log in.
  • After setting may need to fine-tune the work of adding the necessary drivers, etc.Make the settings for the network, you may need doustanovit other software.

Now you're ready to go.

Even if your computer has the super modern version of the operating system, there is always the option to add Windows as needed 98. How to put this system, you can learn from this article.