How to install Windows Zver?

How to install Windows Zver?

Today, almost every family has a computer, laptop, netbook, it does not matter.The main thing is that it works just need to put the operating system with which you can use your computer.System you can put in the store (for a fee), or you can put it on your own, but you just need to know how to install it.

Operating systems are updated annually.At the moment, many use the Windows Zver.That is why today I would like to tell you how to install Windows Zver.

Installation instructions

  • To get started you will need to download the package from the Internet (it can find you on any file hosting).Once you have downloaded it, it will need to be written to disk, then to install with it.The disc then be able to keep that in the future (when reinstalling after a while) do not have to download it again.Then insert the recorded disc into the drive of your computer and restart it.After the computer setup menu.If it does not, then you need to go into the BIOS and set the priority to boot from the drive.When the boot menu appears, select the manual mode and press ENTER.The Windows Setup window, to continue press ENTER.
  • At the second stage of the installation must be written on a sheet of paper offers you the license key (otherwise it would be too heavy to remember).In the third stage, you will be asked to select the partition to install (it is better to choose the same section where the previous version of Windows was installed).Do not forget to save the important and the data you need.When you make a choice, it will be necessary to press the ENTER key.You will be prompted to format the selected partition (you must select the quick NTFS).Then start formatting the selected partition, and then install it.
  • telling how to install Windows XPZver, I would like to warn that in the process of installing the computer will reboot several times.Do not worry, this is normal.After the computer restarts for the first time, a window will appear with a choice of driver packages.If you do not know which drivers you need, then put a check mark everywhere, but if you know that a tick mark only the required ones, then click OK.Then the installation will continue.
  • In the final stage you will be prompted to select the regional settings, the choice of name and organization.At the end you will have to enter a key, which you recorded on the leaflet in the beginning of installation, and to enter a password, if necessary.

That's basically all you can talk on how to install Windows Zver.At the end of this article I would like to draw attention to the fact that in this version of the system there is still a lot of useful programs that you will be prompted to install after downloading.These programs then you may need to work, for example, Microsoft Office, you can install after installing the system.This additional software installation process should not take you much time and effort.