Where to download free books ?

Where to download free books ?

Many believe that in our time people have very little read.But this can easily be argued.Wrong indication of the number of readers on the number of print books.People figured out how to save your money and time.Now, the book can be downloaded in electronic form on the Internet.Read these books, you can use e-books, mobile phone or netbook.

In this article we will talk about the sites that offer free downloading service books.

Library Aldebaran

This library is one of the best digital libraries Runet.Earlier, on the site you can find a huge variety of artistic, educational, documentary and technical literature.books in fb2 format can be downloaded from the library website.Unfortunately, since 2007, with the effect of the new library Aldebaran administration's policies, many lost access to books, and readers were deprived of the possibility to download them.Other books you can safely download.The library contains a forum where book lovers have the pleasure to share his opinion about a book read.Library Address: http: // lib.aldebaran.ru /

Maxim Moshkova

Library In 1994, Maxim Moshkov founded the electronic library.The library is one of the most well-known among the Internet users.Nourished library thanks to users, please send your own digitized texts.This method provides a library of rapid renewability.Library Address: http: // lib.ru /


Stoknig is a free e-library.Download books without registering.The library contains fiction, science fiction, detective, adventure, scientific works.In addition to books user has the ability to download books and magazines.Registered users can share digitized books.Library Address: http: // stoknig.ru /

Library "Artifact»

Library exists since 1996 and is part of the news website "Artifact".Andrei Piskunov is considered the creator of the library.Library considers copyright and listening to the comments of the authors at the expense of design and placement of the text.The library has about 8,200 works of fiction.The works presented in 22 languages.Most of the library is updated by users.Library Address: http: // artefact.lib.ru / library /


rutrekere is the largest torrent site.Forum site contains an extensive section "Books & Magazines", which is dedicated to literature.Section has a wide selection of books: children's, military, sports, educational, religious, artistic, etc.In order to download the torrent desired book, should be registered.Register for free.Site Address: http: // rutracker.org

Most book lovers certainly will never be able to abandon the printed editions.But in recent years many people have completely switched to electronic versions of books, to save your time and money.Especially useful electronic library for students and academics.The university library is not always possible to find the necessary literature, so the internet is the only way out.

Do not forget that downloading the book, you take the responsibility for copyright infringement.