How to install Windows on a Mac?

How to install Windows on a Mac?

no secret that some people can easily adapt to the new conditions.Another is it is given a very hard time.When a person buys a Mac, it is extremely unwilling to abandon his usual Windows operating system.Especially considering the fact that this system has worked well for a long time.How to install Windows on a Mac?Himself to install Windows on a Mac is extremely difficult.Especially the average user, who only knows first hand what the operating system and how to install it.Therefore, in this case it is easier to ask for help in the service center.Specialists will be able to efficiently and quickly install the new system, as well as free of charge will make all the necessary settings for future work.Regardless of the type of operating system, professionals will cope with its installation for one to two hours.If you have a disk with drivers for your MacBook, the installation process can be greatly accelerated.

Installing Windows on a Mac can also be performed independently.To date, there are several ways to install the OC Windows on a Mac.One of them is through the installation of Boot Camp.

Benefits of Boot Camp

The advantages of this tool include: ability to run resource-intensive applications, as well as quick down Windows.However, there are also disadvantages when using it.Firstly: the files are not available in Mac OS sections from Windows.Secondly, if Windows is not the main OS, you will need a constant restart your computer.

System requirements to work with this utility are as follows: the presence of an optical drive or built, the installation CD of the Apple system, which is going to use for the job.Also, you will need 10 GB (minimum) free space on the drive where the installation will be carried out.In addition, the required Window installation disk, as well as Assistant Boot Camp, and an Intel processor, which is equipped with Mac OS X one of the latest versions.

Installing Windows

Before installing OC Windows is necessary to keep all the necessary and important files and check all the updates Mac OS X, which are available today, and install them.First, we need the name of the administrator to log in Mac OS X. Then run Boot Camp.Loading software for Windows support software (strictly follow the instructions on the screen), and then save it on an external drive or to a CD.

Next Boot Camp creates a special partition to install Windows.The size of this section, you can select according to personal reasons, and taking into account the version of Windows that is used for installation.For example, if you want to install Windows XP on a Mac, Boot Camp will cope with this task easily.It should be noted that it is not recommended to set the size less than 20 GB.

Once you have set the Windows partition, you can safely insert the installation disc.Click the "Install" button.Installation is a standard scheme.When the need to select the partition to install, specify the one that was created by Boot Camp.Size choose the one that was set when creating this partition.When a partition is selected, you need to do the formatting.This can be done using the Windows software installation.This procedure is familiar to anyone who has experience installing OC Windows.Then begins the process of installing the system, which can take a lot of time.

Once completed Installation Windows, your computer will reboot and you will see the newfound OS.Next you need to install the appropriate software, you have saved on a disc.Insert the correct disk and begin the installation.

This installation process is complete.To select the operating system boots, you need to hold down the Alt key while booting up the computer, and then specify the appropriate operating system.

Alternative installation

How can I install the OS Windows on the Mac in another way?If you are going to use two operating systems at the same time, in this case, the alternative setting.If you use a typical installation when installing the two systems, these systems will operate autonomously.And to go to a different operating system will need to restart the computer each time.Therefore, to solve the problem of autonomy, it is possible to create a virtual operating system, using special software.This will allow you to run multiple operating systems, even if their differing versions.If installation by specialists, they, among other things, can individually configure each virtual system.This will greatly enhance the operability of the system.

to kill the system by experimenting with it, you can use the Windows emulator for the Mac.Virtual machine called a computer within a computer.It is emulated by using special software.This is a good solution that does not require constant reboots.But it also has its drawbacks.Your equipment will have to maintain the health of the two operating systems simultaneously.And, therefore, the work of both speed may significantly decrease.

There are several virtual machines to Mac OS X. Free Virtual Box, and pay Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.These are the three basic and most popular emulators.With its use, you can save time and hassle.

You can find step by step instructions to use any of the emulator easily.And following them safely experiment with their system / systems.

"I can not install the software on disk. How to Be"?In this case, you need to find the setup file on the disk.exe and run it himself.

Now you know how to install Windows 7 on a Mac, Windows XP, or, depending on preference.It is also familiar with the installation process.Precise execution of instructions will help you to accurately perform tasks.