How to fill the electronic cigarette ?

How to fill the electronic cigarette ?

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How to fill the electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette looks quite simple in appearance and not much different from normal tobacco cigarettes.Inside the e-cigarette is also simple.

Its entire construction consists of a miniature rechargeable battery, air sensor, a microprocessor, an evaporator, wherein the heating element is present Nichrome spiral LED light that glows red and simulates thereby smoldering tobacco, and a special cartridge filled by specialaromatic liquid containing nicotine.

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refill cartridges Electronic Cigarette

for filling cigarette use aromatic liquid that is sold in stores that sell electronic cigarettes.This fluid is usually packaged in small vials 15, 30 or 50 ml.Often, these vials are equipped with a special dispenser, which greatly facilitates the filling process.

aromatic liquid consists of distilled water, glycerol, propylene glycol and nicotine, in some cases, the liquid composition may also include any fragrances.The fluid may be a natural smell of tobacco, menthol, or of any fruit flavor.Buying a bottle of liquid, pay attention to his label - there must be specified the content of nicotine, it can range from 0.6% (analogue superlight cigarettes) to 2, 4% (an analogue of very strong cigarettes).Also on sale is and liquid refills without nicotine.

When it is necessary to refill the e-cigarette

If the taste of vapor emitted by a cigarette, changed, and his mouth began to feel faintly unpleasant taste of burnt plastic, then began to burn sinteponovye absorbent element inside the cartridge.In this case, an urgent need to fill a cigarette.In order to avoid burning of this element, it is better to periodically check the amount of liquid in the cartridge and timely refill liquid therein, without waiting for its complete evaporation.

How should I refill electronic cigarette

method first

  1. Separate the cartridge from the body of the cigarette.
  2. Arm little cosmetic tweezers and open the lid of the cartridge.Remove the rubber gasket located underneath.
  3. tweezers grab the edge of sinteponovye insert and remove it from the cartridge.
  4. If you choose not to simply pour the liquid, and change it to a liquid with a different taste, rinse under running water absorbent element, place it on a paper towel and allow to dry.As a preventive measure, you can wash the liner not only for fluid replacement, but also before each fifth filling.
  5. one hand, hold the cartridge in an upright position.In the other hand, take a bottle with a dispenser (or pipette filled with liquid) and slowly and carefully refill the cartridge slightly more than half.
  6. Slowly download sinteponovye insert the cartridge, do not rush - the insert should have time to absorb the liquid, then it does not spill over the edge.
  7. Replace the rubber gasket, and screw the cap of the cartridge.

second method

  1. for refilling cartridges buy medical disposable syringe with a large diameter needle.The large diameter of the needle is very important - as the aromatic liquid is thick and sticky, it will be difficult to push it through a fine needle.
  2. Fill the syringe from the vial with liquid, remove the cartridge, open it.
  3. gently to avoid damaging the absorbent element, insert the needle into the cartridge reservoir.The needle is inserted along the wall of the tank and lower it almost all the way.
  4. Now smoothly and slowly push the plunger of the syringe until the cartridge is not filled with liquid.
  5. Replace the gasket and close the lid.

third method

This method is similar to the second method, when it is used there is no need to get too absorbent body of the cartridge.We only need to be patient and slowly dripping liquid from the dispenser directly on the surface of the absorbent body.Wherein the cartridge should be held vertically, the liquid droplets to squeeze a pair, the next two or three drops can dribble only after a previous sintepon completely absorbed.

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