Where can I download the GTA ?

Where can I download the GTA ?

Series GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most popular game series in the world.It has fourteen games, including add-ons, so sometimes difficult to decide which one to play in games.If you want to buy the game series GTA, but are not sure what it is, try to download it free of charge to subsequently make an informed choice.In this article we will explain what the game series there are and where you can download GTA free.

Where and how you can download GTA

Games, including the GTA, it is best to download from torrent trackers type thepiratebay.se or rutracker.org.You can use the program uTorrent, which can be downloaded via the link to start the torrent file: www.utorrent.com.

Games GTA series

Each GTA series game you will find yourself in the role of the representative of the criminal world, trying to break out of rags to riches, completing quests various mafia.The main aspect of the game lies in the multiple murder and car theft, which sometimes results in absolute outrage: from the hustle of civilians to shoot down police helicopters granatametom.In this regard, the game is not recommended for persons under 18 years of age.

Grand Theft Auto

first game in the series came in 1997, so the graphical frills should not expect it.Play is necessary with a view from the top at a very low resolution.It is recommended to educate fans of the series.Also, two additions have been released: GTA: London 1969 and GTA: London 1961.

Grand Theft Auto 2

second GTA also provides a view from above and a little more than pretty graphics.Unlike the first part, the second appeared multiplayer and the ability to save progress.

link where you can download GTA 2: www.torrentino.com.

Grand Theft Auto 3

first three-dimensional part series demonstrates the old joy in the new term.The game was so popular that it has acquired the four amendments, two of which are, Vice City and San Andreas, available to owners of personal computers.

link where download GTA 3: www.thepiratebay.se.

link where you can download GTA Vice City: www.thepiratebay.se.

link where to download GTA San Andreas: www.thepiratebay.se.

Grand Theft Auto 4

last game in the series came in 2008, received from most gaming publications evaluation of 10 out of 10. Just two additions came later, which were subsequently republished under the title Episodes from Liberty City.

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