How to remove the damage itself ?

How to remove the damage itself ?

can sometimes come a difficult period, that even a skeptic can not help to ask myself: Do not damage me?If you are seriously concerned that you damage, and to go to a specialist for some reason do not want to, you can try to remove damage on their own.There are some simple and reliable way to do this at home, talk about them further

How to remove damage itself at home: how

first method

first thing you need to know, taking damage - is that at a time ofthe problem does not get rid of.It usually takes a few weeks of compulsory execution of the ritual and reading conspiracy.Begin to shoot damage should be on waning moon.

One of the most effective methods of removal of damage - using chicken eggs.To do this for ten days every night should be placed at the head of the bed a glass filled with melt water.The need to break the glass of a hen's egg, while reading the prayer "Our Father".On the morning of the contents of the cup should be poured into the toilet.On the last day of the ritual you will need to help your loved ones.Lie on your back and ask the assistant to roll an egg on your body, starting from the left heel, then on the left side, going up, then down along the right side to the right heel.It must be done three times, and be sure to carry the egg from the house.

second way

also not difficult, but effective way - to drink a decoction of herbs enchanted.For the broth you will need to collect a large part of the following herbs: valerian, St. John's wort, angelica, marjoram, motherwort, pine buds, plantain, chamomile, thyme, sage, eucalyptus, cudweed, mother-and-stepmother, dandelion, lime, buckthorn bark.

mixture of these herbs need to pour boiling water in such proportions as to obtain an infusion of color reminiscent of strong tea.The broth should be stir the fingers of his right hand in a clockwise direction, while reading any of the conspiracies of the damage or if you are a believer, the prayer "Our Father".After that, the broth should be strain and drink several times a day for 10 days.

The third way

There is another way to get rid of the damage with the help of a decoction of these herbs.The infusion should be added to the bath and to wash it every morning, pouring water face and hair and reading conspiracy against damage.After washing with water from the bath to wash the floors in the house, especially the rapids.Then, the water should be poured away from home.Repeat this process should be within 13 days.

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