How to hack a game VKontakte ?

How to hack a game VKontakte ?

Today online games have gained immense popularity all over the world, millions of players playing them.No less popular are browser-based online game presented by many social networks, such as, Yahoo or VKontakte.

The reasons that people spend huge amounts of time on simple, seemingly the game, completely different, but most of them - the pursuit of social status and the desire to be in front of everyone.But what if you do not have this amount of time?To do this, there is a section called Hacking VKontakte.

In this article we will talk about how to hack the game VKontakte.We describe the general algorithm for creating a bot for such games.

Technology Overview

Let's start with the theory.The main difference between online games from the usual is that the whole game is performed on a remote server, and the player has no possibility to directly influence and modify the data on it.In fact, the whole process of the game is reduced to a dialogue "challenge-response" between the client and server sides.

Depending on the implementation of the program, all online games are divided into categories:

  • Games with its own engine and client for the game (WoT, Lineage, and the like).These games have a number of limitations, such as the need for a special client.However, the security level of such games is usually at a higher level.
  • Games, using a standard browser, instead of the client (browser games).Such games can be implemented on the basis of different technologies (node. Js, PHP, Python, etc.), but the most common by far are the games created with Flash and Java.Such games are cross-platform.They are simple to implement, but they are often much lower level of security compared with games with his client.

bot Principle

You have to understand that to create a bot for a game, you must have (or want to learn) specific knowledge of the network technology, as well as to know at least one programming language.

All bot algorithm can be described as follows:

  • get / read the data on the game (read the HTTP-traffic, analyze the screenshots, etc.);
  • analyze or process the data (using a solution algorithms);
  • send the correct answer server (sending false Packet emulation input keyboard / mouse, and the like).

receive data

before hack the game in the VC, we must determine how the game passes the data to the server and back.You can use the program for reading the traffic HTTP, for example, Wireshark.

often games of the first category to communicate with the server via its own API and transmit data in encrypted form.In browser security business games are not so good, to the extent that the values ​​of variables can be transmitted in the clear.For example, the popular game "Bubbles" conveys the alignment of the field with balloons in the clear, and then only a fast algorithm for solving.

Another way to get information is to analyze the screenshots from the game screen.You can use the special libraries for graphics, such as Java OpenGL.

Himself data processing algorithms will be different for different games.For example, to solve the "bubble" game, you can write a function that will simply alternately click on all the fields in turn.To create a good solution algorithm will have to connect the brain.

forwards the data to the server

If the data on the server are sent in plain text, you can simply intercept the HTTP-packets and replace them with his own.However, the easiest way to interact with the game is the emulation of keyboard and mouse input events, which is represented in almost all programming languages.

Ready programs

If you can not write your bot, you can use ready-made solutions.Here are some of them:

  • ArtMoney - Allows you to change the value of process and change the settings in the game.
  • Charles - intercept HTTP-packets in the exchange between the client and the server.
  • Cheat Engine - displays and allows you to change the processes in the game.
  • Clickermann - automates some steps at the computer.

However, these programs do not work with all games, and there is a risk to stumble upon an infected virus software.Use these programs with caution.

before hack the game VKontakte, better to have a separate account.Remember, the use of bots is prohibited site rules.